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A Rider This Way Comes (All fiction of my chars and guild to date)

- - - - - chars date fiction guild rider

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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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This is from my return to UO to now, the first ones are not good, I was a little rusty, as they go they get better so dont give up on me heh.These are about my chars and my guild, I hope you enjoy and I will add more as I write them.

A soft breeze blew through the trees causing more leaves to fall from their limbs, dried leaves on the ground scattered here and there as the draining sunlight caught their many colors and showed off autumns splendor and remind the world that winter would soon come.

The Yew cemetary lay quit and unnoticed to all who passed and in the dwindling daylight the iron bars cast a long shadow over the head stones. This close to all hallows eve if one would have been in the grave yard and watched the iron gate open they would have sworn spirits were early this year. If one would have heard the thunder of hooves on the breeze they would have sworn a storm was brewing, if one would have watched as the rider appeared from the west in the coming fog they could have sworn under their breath that death him self was riding at him and ran away in fear. But, no one was around to watch all these things and only the trees beared witness as the rider rode through the open gate and dismounted as his horse stopped in front of a tomb.

The man stood in front of the tomb with fist clinched, hat pulled low his brow and his long duster blowing in the breeze. After a moment a sad expression grew on the mans face and his dark eyes teared up as his fingers traced the ankh engraved on the tomb. Like the paladin in the tomb he had laid in slumber but for some reason the gods has awakened him. His black eyes blinked as he read the the words carved into the cold stone and he forced himself to look away.

You were the first to give me a chance when all others looked at me as an outsider. You gave me a home and a purpose to the madness and anger inside me. You would have died for me and I would have done the same for you my old friend.

A hollow scream erupted from his throat and he blinked away the darkness in his eyes. His eyes grew green in the setting sun and he seemed to remember this place, the past flashed in his mind as he relived moments gone by and one person seemed to always be all of them. He knew he had to seek her out, she was the first step. He mounted his horse and his eyes grew dark again, his arm shot out toward the tomb and a lone fireball hit the ground in front of it burning away the tall over grown grass that had almost engulfed it.

If it takes the rest of my days I will find away to bring you back my friend. Even if I have to go into the underworld and die many times over. Rest well...I shall return for you.

He turned and rode into the growing darkness in a thunder of hooves and wolf cries.
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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Old Roads

The smith watched the young apprentice work hot metal into the shape of a small blade. It wasn't perfect but it was better then most and the boy showed promise. There were often many students he help in a days time in Haven but this lad always seemed to come back, every day to learn from him. A trait that wasn't found often in young folks. He walked out from under the shed to let the cool air dry his sweat soaked skin, his eye caught a man walking toward him with his horse in tow. He knew the man, but he wasn't sure if it was the long hours looking at the hot coals or it really was him.

"Your sposed be dead" He said to the figure as he approached.

"I'm sorry for disappointing you then" The man responded with a dry smile.

"Aye, well didn't want to get yer hopes up" The smith smiled back. "What can I do fer ya old friend"

"I seek information. I cant remember much and what I do remember comes and goes. I know he died, I have seen his tomb. But were is she?"

The smith spit and told the boy to take a break until later this evening. He gave his old friend a long look before giving his head a small shake.

"Yer not going to like what you see" he told him as he gathered his horses reins and motioned for him to follow.

They road into the moongate and out the other side into Minoc. The rider followed the smith north of town until they came to the mountain side, large caverns were minors dug up ore all day long. The smith motioned for him to follow as he entered one of the caves and slide off his old horse. He waited for the rider to do the same before pointing toward a small fenced in area decorated with wild flowers and over lapping a pick axe. The rider walked slowly to the grave and knelt beside it.

Here lies the Lady Kyra. Loving wife, loving mother. Protector of us all

The rider read the words and his heart sank. He stared at the lone grave for a long time before the smiths shuffling brought him back from his daydream.

"H..how did she, it happen..." He asked

"She took sick, passed one night in her bed, in his arms." The smith said in a painful voice

The rider rubbed his chin and forced himself to look away from the grave stone. He took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair. The smith only watched him and blinked hard a few times, perhaps to fight back tears or perhaps to convince himself that the riders eyes hadn't went from green to black and back again.

"What about the girl?" The rider asked

"Gone as well, her and her aunt were ambushed at the Skara docks while their crew were on leave. The dirty ****s robbed them and burned the ship right there in the harbor, with them locked in the hold" He spat in a bitter tone

"He died avenging her then?" he asked

The smith shook his head " Nay friend, you know good and well that vengeance wasn't his way. He just went to sleep one evening. The love of his life gone, his child, gone. His heart broke and he just gave up on the world."

The rider let out a long sigh "What about the boy... the archer?"

"Prison, turned rogue, done some things he shouldn't. Good lad just needs guidance." The smith told him

"You just stood by and watched all this take place and didn't lift a finger did you" The rider said in a angry tone

"What did you want me to do?! Kill the ****s that took the girl with my pick axe? Use my shovel and dig the lad out of prison. Do you want me to raise the dead, I'm sorry but I do well to raise my self fer work in the mornings." The smith's voice held its own batch of heat'

After a long pause the smith handed him a crumbled up paper that had been opened and folded many times. "That there is a map were you can find some info on who burnt the girl out. He was the part of the group that done it, maybe you can catch a lead."

"How do you know him?" the rider asked looking at the paper

"Cause I know what was on that ship and when I seen him hawking some of the items I followed him home to buy some of it just to make sure" The smith told him

The rider smiled as if to tell his old friend that he was sorry for doubting him. He climbed back onto his horse and rode back out into the daylight with the smith in tow. They were both silent as they made the track back to Haven were the young boy was waiting on the smith for the rest of the days lesson.

" What are yer plans now, what kind of scheming is in yer head?" The smith asked him

" I'm going to bring him back" He answered

"Yer a fool man. He don't want to come back, he has nothing left here. You are wrong for even thinking of doing such a thing." The smith muttered

"I have to... every night when I close my eyes I see her face. Pleading with me, begging for me to wake him and make him live again. She is gone but he is not, there has to be a way. She woke me, she wants to wake him but for some reason she as given the task to me..." The rider bit off the sentence for fear of sounding like a crazy fool.

The smith didn't know how to respond to the riders comment. Instead he watched the rider turn and leave in silence. He shook his head for ever taking him to the woman's grave site. The fool was about to venture on a task that would get himself killed and most likely anyone that aided him too...
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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Taking up the Draelon

Samhein, Hallows eve, day of the dead. The day has many names, it is feared by many and others consider it holy. This day finds CK sitting in the old grave yard just beyond the Ordo Tower in deep meditation. The Gentle Breeze had explained to him one late evening that this was Lothars cemetery and perhaps that is why he felt a great calm here, the madness and darkness within him seem to slow and he did not have to fight it so much. He was at peace here and the souls of the Ordo family gave him hope in place of despair and rest from the battle within his own body.

The sound of crunching leaves in the distance brought CK's head from its bowed position before his prayer was done. His eyes open and the darkness almost shone as if it was a dark lantern even in the daylight. He blinked it away and his now green eyes took in the tree line were the sound had come. A tall slender man in a feathered hat came toward him at a slow pace, a Kyrss on his hip and a shield on his back. Something heaved inside of him wanting to lash out at the man but CK knew better, this man had been his friend once. He couldn't kill a friend.

The man strolled up to him as he stood and grasp his hand in a firm handshake. They stood for a long time in silence before the other spoke.

" I see you have taken up the ways of the Draelon old friend" Valmeer said pointing to the Ordo symbol that had been sewn into his long duster.

"You are not the only one who wants to save the world knight" CK answered with a smirk

" Really? I never knew that saving the world was on your agenda" Val responded with a smile of his own

" You know nothing about me then it seems" It was a low mutter more so then a response

" I know that you are dangerous, I know that if left out of control you can cause more damage then help. I know Dragon was the only one who could control you, what makes you think it will be different here. You will only end up hurting these people." Val told him

"The...the paladin has faith in me" CK tried to control his temper

" Faith in you or does he know what kind of threat you are? He is either wise enough to use you as his own weapon or his dwells on his faith like Dragon and just don't know any better" Val hammered him with the words

The darkness flashed in CK's eyes and he snarled. " You have no right to condemn me, you left all these people to go off and find your own glory. You wear the rank of knight but still judge a man before you see his intentions."

" Perhaps" Val tone softened when he seen he had really hurt his friend "Perhaps you are right, I have seen the damage you can deal CK but I hope you have changed. You seem to have taken up with Miri, perhaps she can be the light in your world of darkness. The gods know she always kept Matt in line"

" The gentle Breeze is my friend, my family. They all are my family now. It is my right to protect and fight for them." CK said in his own soft voice as his eyes again turned green.

" I hope so old friend" he said giving his friend a pat on the shoulder.

"So you came to give me your opinions and now you are off to look for fortune and fame again?" CK asked grabbing his arm before he could turn and walk away.

Val gave him a smile and shook his head as CK let his arm go.

"Dragon told me once that while the advice of others was always helpful, but sometimes a man had to take his own advice. You don't want to be judged, perhaps you should take your own advice on that effect friend. Perhaps I have found my true calling as you have found yours"

He turned and walked away, it was only then that CK noticed the large symbol engraved in the knights shield. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who had taken up the Draelon...
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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The smith lead his pack horse into the mining cave and stopped short upon seeing the two familiar faces. The youngest of the two was sitting cross legged on the ground waxing a bow string and whistling a tune he had most likely learned in prison, the other was standing staring at the grave he had showed him a few days back. The smith spat and shook his head as he joined them.

"How did you get this one out?" He asked pointing to the young man waxing his bow.

"With all the hoopla with that Ricardo it wasn't hard at all" The Keeper told him.

"I got yer message and I'm here what do ya need of me" The smith asked

The Keeper look to his companion who pulled his bow string a few times for good measure and the stood to join him. " You are right old friend. Right now it would be the madness of a fool to try and bring him back, instead I will wait for the right time, even if it takes the rest of my life I will search, but I refuse to let it consume me."

"Instead we will carry on with what he started" The archer spoke up

The smith chuckled in a matter of fact sort of way and pointed at each of them. "You two, going to carry on with his work of Virtue and Justice?"

"Well we will do it in our own way but rest assure it will be for the good of this world" The keeper smiled back

"A couple of Vigilantes is what it sounds like to me." The smith spat

"So you have gone all noble in your older age?" The keeper asked raising an eyebrow

"Oh no no...I'm in friend just tell me what I need to do" He responded with a tinkle in his eye

"Be our eyes and ears, our information of sorts in return we will do what we can for your students" The Keeper

"Alright Keeper, were do you plan to start" The smith asked

"Please, call me CK." He looked down at the crumpled paper and then added with a smirk "I think I have someone in mind"


Soft leather boots swift and quiet ran across the small roof top. Arrow knocked and ready, his eyes peered from under the hood and bandanna pulled up on his face to hide his identity. Standing just outside the house against a tree a drunk man was trying to lean on the tree and relieve himself at the same time. The archer drew down on the man and waited --he would never shoot a man in the back-- when the man turned back around trying to do up his trousers the arrow loosed with deadly precision entering through the mans eye with enough force that it drove into the tree he had used as a standing aid. The mans arms jerked a few times and then his body went limp and he slide down the trunk of the tree only to be stopped by the arrow lodge in his head and tree.

Walking out of the same tree line came another man, like the one on the roof top his face was concealed with a bandanna and a hood pulled up over his head. He nodded up him and as if he had come to visit old friends he walked onto the porch opened the door and entered the house. The house was dark with the exception of candle light coming from under a close door in the next room. He stopped at the door and waited for the signal. As if on cue the sound of breaking glass was followed by a large thumbing sound and an arrow head jutted out of the wall near the door. Energy he already held in his hands formed into a bolt and he blasted the door off its hinges. Stepping inside his friend had his bow drawn and an arrow pointing at a half drunk wild eye man sitting in the corner of the room. Another man was slumped in his chair, the arrow had blasted him so fast in the chest that he was still breathing despite the hole all the way through him. He pushed the dieing man out of the chair as he walked past him and grabbed the wild eyed man lifting him to his feet and throwing him down in the same chair, from his pack he produced a thick rope and tied the man to the chair leaving one of his arms free. He then took a second rope and tied it candle holder mounted to the wall and the other end he tied to the mans free arm, pulled it tight at the candle holder and the mans arm raised into the air. Once the man up bound the archer lowered his bow, give his companion a nod and exited out of the window he had broke into.

"Do you know what this is?" The masked man asked as he pulled a five potion bottles filled with a purple substance and sit them on the table.

"What do you want? What do you want with me??" The man said instead with fear in his voice

"You see these will explode if I remember correctly, after you them a good shake or slam them into something" The masked man went on ignoring the drunk mans question "Now you hold this...whoa, don't drop it now no need to kill us both!"

He placed a bottle of with a damp cloth in the mans arms that was hanging by the rope from the candle holder, with a spark from his fingers the damp cloth caught on fire and started to burn.

"What....wh...what are you doing?!?" The man whimpered

"You see, now your going to tell me what I want to know, if not I will leave and when that bottle gets to hot to hold you will drop it, breaking the bottle and burning yourself alive. Do you understand?" The man asked

The other only nodded

"Good, about 7-8 months ago a ship was ambushed and burned in the Skara harbor, two women were killed. I know you were the man who killed them, but I don't know who ordered the attack...you better hope you do, that bottle looks like its getting hot" The masked man said smiling behind his bandanna.

"I swear I don't know the name, he never tells us he don't, we just meet his contact in Britain and get our jobs we do" the man sobbed

"Were is the meeting spot and who is the contact" The masked man snarled

"Don't know his name I don't, but we meets him in the sewer, tall fellow with one eye and walks with a limb he does" The man flinched as the bottle began to grow hot

"Whens the next meeting?" The other man ordered

"Three days from now, round noon" The mans eyes grew even wider with fear

The mask man patted him on the head and nodded. "You done well, good job even for a murdering rat"

"Ta...ta...Take the bottle, I beg for mercy, mercy on me!!" The man began to plead

The mans eyes grew black as he lowered his face inches from the pleading man and snarled behind his mask. "The same mercy you gave the two woman as you killed and burned them? Only the gods can give you mercy...your about to meet them, so you can ask them for mercy yourself."

"But you said you wouldn't kill me if I told you what you wanted to know" the man cried

"I said nothing about killing you or not killing you. You hold the bottle, your killing yourself. Word to the wise though friend, I would much rather go ahead and throw that blazing bottle into those potions and make it quick rather then hold it until it scorched my hand, only to drop it and be burned alive" The man responded and left the pleading man in the room

Walking out of the front door and down the steps of the porch the man joined the archer was sitting cross legged in the tree line counting the gold he had took from the house.

"It's not much but its a start" he said tossing pouch from one hand to the next

An Explosion erupted from the house behind them, broken glass, shattered wood from furniture scattered the yard as flames started to engulf the roof of the house from the inside.

"Your not so dumb after all" CK said pulling down his bandanna and looking back at the house.

He nodded to his friend they slipped away into the darkness before someone noticed the light from the flames in the night sky.
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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Carramon Majere sat on what was left of the upper floor of the old Abby, he began to play a tune on his lute as he watched CK on the floor below him begin his daily prayers. He often wondered what kind of god the man prayed to, he knew it wasn't the same the paladins prayed to but he was sure it wasn't something evil either. His eyes drifted to the gloomy sky and on instinct his fingers started to play a sorrowful tune. He closed his eyes and let himself become lost in his music, it was then the first fireball exploded against the old stone wall to the left of him. He was on his feet and running for the teleporter before the second one charred the floor were he had been sitting and a third blasted the into the wall in front of him causing him to skid to a stop and drop to his belly to become a smaller target.

Below him CK had cast an invisible spell and vanished into thin air as three men made their way up to the ruins. The fire balls had stopped and he again was on his feet, pulling two small crossbows from his pack and aimed the best he could he jumped off the old wooden floor fired both shots at the men, the first bolt took one of the men in the neck and the other glanced his arm. Car landed, rolled and smashed his crossbow into a second mans knee. It was then CK appeared with a snarl in front of them. Energy formed in his hand as he blasted the remaining man at point blank range with an ebolt to his face. He turned to the man with the smashed knee, his glassy black eyes seeming to drain the mans hopes of fleeing. Before he could fire off the spell another fireball blasted Car in the chest and sent him flying the corner of the ruined wall, hitting the ground with a thud. CK looked for the source of the second attack and noticed more men running from the old grave yard.

"LEAVE THIS SACRED PLACE!" He roared as he slammed his arms down, chain lighting danced among the old graves.

The lighting crashed down among the unknown number of men, many screamed in pain has they were struck and others continued to fire off their small spells at the mage in the ruined Abbey. CK arms reached for the sky and he brought them down once more and again lighting shattered tree limbs and bones alike.

"HOW DARE YOU HARM THIS HOLY GROUND" The mage roared again, his glassy black eyes wrapped in a snarl.

He looked down at the wounded man at his feet and blasted him with another ebolt and as if summoning whatever energy he had left he stomped the ground and unleashed an earthquake spell that shook the ground before him. Taking deep breaths he dropped to his knees to rest, his body shuddering with rage within him. Car who had been beating his chest with damp moss was again on his feet and trying to find a bow or something to throw at least, he hadn't realized yet that the only ones who weren't running were the ones that were dead or couldn't run from their wounds.

CK still shuddering drew him self up, nodded to the archer as if to ask if he was alright and then started out in the direction toward the fleeing men, here and there Car heard one scream as CK found a wounded man and finished him off. Ignoring the pain from his burns he rushed back up to the second floor to grab his bow and quiver......


Val pushed his feathered hat up and scratched his forehead as he looked at the chess board in front of him. The man on the other side of the table had already beaten him three times and he was beginning to think he was target practice....and he himself was a very good chess player.

"Checkmate" Lothar smiled as he moved a bishop into potion.

"I'm beginning to realize I cant beat you milord" Val chuckled as he nodded his approval of the bold play style the paladin played.

Lighting sparked a dash of light through the arrow slits of Ordo Tower...

"Looks like its going to storm" Val said looking toward the small windows

"Aye, might as well stay for another game" Lothar agreed with a smile

"Well I would rather loss to you then anyone else I guess" Val chuckled

Again the lighting crashed near by and right after small tremble caused the chess pieces to shake. Both of the men look at each other, Val knew the paladin had seen to many battles to shrug off an earthquake spell and he himself knew were the spells were coming from.

"Milord you don't even have your armor on, I will go scout it out while you get ready" Val said as he noticed the mans armor laying out on a table, Hec must have recently repaired it.

"Aye" Lothar could only agree as Val rushed from the Tower without giving him a chance to disagree

When he was sure Lothar couldn't see him be broke into a run and just as he reached the grave yard he ran head long into CK. Charred blooded stained the mans cloths and had dried on his face, his lips curled in a snarl and his eyes glassy black.

"What in the gods...." Val sputtered as CK rushed past him

"Hey! What in nine hells is going on?" Val said as he jumped in front of the man

"They came to this holy place and I will make them pay" CK snarled trying to jerk lose from Val

"You listen to me...calm down here and now." He looked around and lowered his voice "You have hidden this part of yourself from Lothar and he will be here any minute. Do you want him to see you like this, I'm sure he will understand, if I know him but do you want to take that chance?"

CK stood in front of him and shuddered once more, he closed his eyes and his deep breathing slowed, a moment later he opened his eyes and they were green again.

" Apparently someone wasn't happy that I have been investigating the ship burning in Skara" He said in a calm voice

"How did they know it was you? You always stay hidden right? The boy hasn't given you away?" Val questioned him

"No..no, not unless..." CK stopped and gave his friend a nasty look " Unless someone has found the smith out"

"How many were there?" Val asked

"Not sure, but they were not very skilled, they only used fire balls." CK answered

"Well I will stall the paladin, you get rid of the carnage, leave a few bodies but make sure their not the ones you torched like a candle stick...." Val pointed a finger at him "And clean your self up you look like death warmed over..."

CK nodded and headed back to the ruins of the Abbey. He looked at the four or five remains of what used to be men. Car watched him for a few seconds and then he walked over to the grate in the floor and pulled it open. CK gave him a sly smile, the fire pit would be a perfect place to hide the bodies....
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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The cool November morning found Car perched on the roof of the Sweet Dreams, the inn located near the Britain sewers. His hood pulled up and bandanna covering all of his face but his eyes , he slowly pulled an arrow from his quiver and knocked it. It had been days since the attack on the old abbey, an attack that eventually caused the old structure to collapse, leaving CK to move into Valmeers home-which he wasn't happy about. Today though, Car would strike a blow of his own. He and CK had waited and watched from this roof top for weeks. The patched eye man that they had been told about came and went without anyone questioning him and in the last few days another man had always came after him, dressed as lavish as a lord and always with a smirk on his face. Today his smirk would be parted with an arrow.

Now on one knee Car wiggled his fingers and waited for the signal. A cloaked man walked came walking up through the new gate, in a slow steady pace he walked past the inn and toward the mage shop to the north. Car slipped his fingers around the bow string and drew it. The man with one eye came through the gate looking around, he limped toward the sewers entrance and disappeared inside. After the one eyed man came the lavishly dressed man, the merchant responsible for killing Dragons daughter, Fairchild. Car drew down on the man but before he took his shot two more men came through the new gate, between them a woman, her hands behind her as if they were bound. The two men talked as if having a casual conversation with her but the look on her face told the truth, she wasn't here on her own free will.

The archer almost hesitated but knew he had to stick to the plan, again he drew down on the merchant and this time he loosed his arrow. The arrow struck the merchant in the stomach and he double over in pain. Car now on his feet knocked and loosed another arrow in one fluid motion. The second shot took on the men holding the woman captive in the throat, she screamed as blood splattered her dress. The woman's screams were bound to attract shop keepers any minute now and so the other man fled the scene, Car looked around frantically, the one eyed man had came out of the sewer to see what was going on and the merchant was again on his feet trying to make it to the man.

"Damnit" Car cursed under his breath as he knocked another arrow turned and fired it at the healers building, the signal for the cloaked man to flee. He turned back to the other two men and drew one more arrow. The woman had destroyed their plans, after shooting the merchant in the stomach CK was to pick him up and take him to a location were they could pump information from him. Instead, the man was about to escape so Car did the only thing he could, drawing down on the man once more and shooting the arrow streaked down and shattered the merchants skull as it entered the top of his head and jutted out of his chin, the man crumbled to the ground and lay dead but Car had turned and fled right after loosing his arrow, he knew the man was already dead and didnt have to watch him die to know it.


CK flung his cloak to the ground and pulled his hood up on his head as he rounded the healers shop, now all he had to do was wait for the archer to drop the merchant and he would scoop him up and met the archer later to gain information from the man. It seemed at the get go though the plan was doomed to fail, CK watched as the merchant hit the target area they had marked off, but behind him came two more men and a woman, she looked as if she was about to sick up. CK growled under his breath as he pulled his bandanna up on his face and started walking toward the two men. Before he could get into spell range an arrow thudded into one of the men holding her captive, she screamed has he collapsed against her and fell to the ground. CK knew the scream would attract attention and so he broke into a run. The second man fled when he saw the masked man coming at him with a bolt of energy forming in both hands and as CK rounded the corner of the Inn called Sweet Dreams he aimed instead at the wounded merchant. The merchant was laying in a pool of blood on the ground though, without flinching he loosed his spells on the one eyed man who was knelling over the merchant, the poor fool didn't even see the ebolts coming as they the took off the top of his head and feel beside the merchant jerking.

CK stopped when he got to the woman and she screamed louder upon looking at the masked man with black eyes. He chanted something under his breath and a blue gate opened, he pushed the woman through the gate. He looked around and hoped that the archer got away without anyone seeing him, he spoke again under his breath and stepped through the gate just as he released a dispel spell that caused the gate to disappear...
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Crypt Keeper(CK)

Crypt Keeper(CK)

    Guildmaster of ATD, Defender of Paxlair!

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You must learn to control yourself child. You could have killed the woman"

"Forgive me, creator. Sometimes my rage I can not control"

The woman in flowing robes gave him a soft smile " You need an outlet to harness that rage"

"It is hard to tell if what I fight for is wrong or right sometimes, you have given me a great burden to carry" The kneeling man told her

"A burden I know only you can carry. I question not your methods for it was I who woke you from your sleep. Let me help you." She told him

The man look into her deep green eyes and felt calm. "Bless me creator and teach me"

The woman came forward and placed her hand on the top of his head. Though her mouth did not move the man could feel her words inside of him.

"You have the strength of the Great oak, solid has a stone mountain, the courage of a panther and the instincts of the wolf when it comes to your brethren. Look not further then you have to among the trees and beast child. Let nature will you now. It is the path of the druid that you seek…"

CK opened his eyes and rose to his feet. He could feel the calm inside of him, for the first time nothing was there but calm. He slowly came down the stairs to the main floor of the house he shared with Car and Val. The young woman he had almost killed trying to rescue lay on a cot off to the side, she was still in a deep sleep. He only remembered pushing the woman hard through the gate, he hadn't realized how hard he had pushed her, broken ribs, one which had punctured her lung. The girl must be as fragile as glass.

Val met him at the bottom of the stairs. He gave him an odd look, something was different about him. He shook it off though when the woman tossed on her cot and coughed.

"I have healed her best I can. The Virtues are with her now." Val told him

"You have done well old friend, I'm sure she will be alright" CK patted him on the shoulder and a smile

Val gave him another odd look. "Are you feeling alright? You seem….not like yourself"

"She came to me, while I prayed, I must go now." CK told him and walked out the door.

Val Stood dumbfounded for a few seconds and then followed him outside but to his surprise when he opened the door he was not to be found, no gate still loomed nor the smell of burnt regs from a recall spell. The only thing that was out of place was a large black panther that went dashing into the forest. He shrugged it off and decided it was time to change the woman's dressings….
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A large panther raced through the woods in leaps and bounds. It had been roaming for days and was in search of something but didn't know what. It slowed its run to a walk when it noticed a wisp bouncing through the woods coming toward him. The wisp stop a few feet away from him and transformed into a woman, the cat knew her well with her white flowing gown and robes and green eyes so piercing that sometimes it hurt to look at her. The great cat bowed before her and he himself transformed into human form. The woman gave CK a her soft smile and motioned for stand.

"You have running for days child, you are needed at home." The woman told him. When she spoke it was almost as if hearing angels sing.

"Forgive me for not praying, you gave me a task and I shall not stop until I am finished with it." The mage told her

"The task I gave you can not be found any were you travel child…you must find it in yourself." She responded

" How?" CK asked

"I can not answer that, I can only tell you that you will know it when you find it." She said

CK nodded even though he was confused and the woman chuckled. She motioned for him to follow her. They walked until they came upon a small stream. Never speaking a word she nodded and he knew what she wanted of him. He had been running for days and for the first time he felt thirsty and so he drank from the stream and the water was the finest tasting water he had ever drank.

"What is this magic place" He ask wiping the water from his mouth with his sleeve

"Tis not magic at all, you are just seeing things for what they truly are child" She spoke softly " I wish I could show you it all but for now you must learn on your own. You are to return home now"

"Now? Is there really great need in going home at this moment when I can stay here and learn." He asked

" You must understand child…You are in need of your friends. They will fulfil the path they seek but you must guide them." She told him

"I can understand asking Val on whatever quest you give me but Car is young still, a great shot but young…" He was saying until she cut him off mid sentence

"Listen to what I tell you child. The knight Valmeer is bound by honor, The Archer Carramon is young but when the girl wakes she will help him. They will stand beside you not only as your friend but because of this" She pointed to his guild symbol sewn into shroud.

Without pause she did not wait for him to answer her and she continued.

"A great war is about to begin" She said looking up in the sky as if it was about to storm. "The one called Lothar needs you, he needs all of you. Return home and prepare child"

"What is it you will have me do when I return home my goddess" CK bowed before her

" Like you Lothar is caught in a conflict within himself. Like you he seeks to bring home old friends. He needs you just as much as he needs the others child. Go to him and prepare for this war…this war of the heavens." The woman said in an almost sad tone

"It is my bidding to do as you ask, it is my oath to give my last breath for Lothar of Paladine, I shall not fail either of you…." CK looked up at her with great compassion for her and his guildmaster on his face.

She only smiled at seeing compassion in him for the first time and vanished.

CK stood and took in the smell and sounds around him as if hearing and smelling them for the first time. He looked up to the clear sky and said "If it is a war you want it is war I shall give you, for my goddess, for my guild….bring to me your greatest soldier and I shall eat out his heart…"

He began to shout and the shout became and roar and in the blink of an eye a great black panther was racing through the woods, its black glassy eyes in search of home.
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Carramon sat cross legged in the floor inspecting arrows as he put them in his quiver , next to him the woman-around his age- lay stone still with the exception of her chest rising and falling that came with the slow rhythm of breathing. Her wounds were healing nicely as far as he could tell, Miri seemed to think so too. She came once a day to dress her wounds now, because of course no respectful man would look upon a woman in that…region of the body. Just thinking of of the bare chest woman beside of him caused him to blush and look away from her as if the layers of bandages and blankets were about to fall away any moment and he would see her exposed body. He quickly went back to inspecting arrows.

"Do you often blush when you spend time with your arrows?" Came a soft weak voice from the cot

Carramon looked up in surprise as a pair of ice blue eyes bored into him with amusement. He stuttered a few times which only made him blush harder and instead he yelled for Val who was upstairs. Val came down the stairs and stopped mid stride as he looked upon the young woman who had now rolled over on her side and was propped up on her elbow smiling at the blushing Carramon. He pointed at her and then made his way slowly to the cot speechless, he had seen those eyes before.

"I know you, but it cant be. I know those eyes anywhere. Your hair color has been changed, your grown up more but I know you. Your supposed to be dead." Val said rubbing his chin

"Thank you for the vote of confidence Sir Valmeer, I will try harder to die next time" The girl grimaced has she pulled the blanket up around her and sat up.

" Excuse me but am I missing something here?" The comment made both Val and the girl look at Carramon as if they had forgot he was in the room.

"Oh, sorry Car. May I present to you the Lady Fairchild, daughter of the late Dragonreborn." Val introduced her to him, Car had never met Fairchild.

"But your supposed to be dead" Carramon yelped in surprise

" So I hear, bloody hell if I don't feel like I am" She looked under the blankets " Were exactly are my cloths if you don't mind my asking…"

"Sorry milady, Miri undressed you to better tend to your wounds, I shall fetch your cloths for you, anything else you need?" Val asked her.

"New dressings, a towel and a place to take a warm bath if you don't mind" Fairchild responded.

"You may bath and dress in my quarters, third floor, a fire is already going in the hearth, your cloths are there as well." Val told her and she left them both to take her bath.

For more then an hour had passed as Car and Val waited for her to return from upstairs, in that time CK had returned home and was telling them the news his goddess had told him, therefore they had not had a chance to explain to him their own events of the day. Instead like them he was stunned when she came walking down the stairs. He took in the sight and fell to his knee's to bow before her. He knew who she was at first sight. Her facial features now stood out with a fresh bath and a glow of good health that had not been present while she lay sick for days. The dye had been washed away and her red locks of long hair still damp from her bath were tucked behind her ears. Her piercing ice blue eyes seemed to take in everything around her. The face and hair of her mother, his goddess. The eyes of her father, his old friend.

"The goddess has sent you to guide me ghost of her daughter." Ck said lowering his head to the floor

"Not exactly CK, this is the woman you and Car saved in Brit" Val told him.

The sound of his name cause Fairchild to rush down the stairs with a smile on her face. Before CK could stand to his full height she jumped in his arms and gave him a brotherly hug. CK in turned looked at looked over his shoulder at his friends with a confused look on his face, Val only shrugged and Car was till looking at her with a stunned look on his face. Eventually she released him and regained her composure.

"Thank you as well Valmeer, I am sure you did most of my healing, you always were good at it." She said to Val and then turned to Car "And you, A most excellent shot with a bow, we should have a shooting contest someday"

"I hear your not a bad shot yourself milady…" Was all Car could say as her blue eyes looked at him.

"Excuse me, your supposed to be dead but your not, also CK has some very disturbing news don't you…." Val turned to CK but he was gone.

"What bloody got into him, not the smart mouth grinner I once knew" Fairchild said mainly to her self.

"Perhaps we should all have a seat, we all have some explaining to do." Val told her.

And so they all sat down, Val explained to her what had happened since her disappearance and how they had come to find each other. Why CK was the way he was and he also told her what CK had told them only moments earlier. Fairchild in turn told them her story, how she had escaped the ship and went into hiding and vowing revenge. She dyed her hair, changed her appearance and took up with some of the merchants female friends, but before she could kill him she was caught and hence being brought to the sewer to the one eyed man to be killed and tossed in the water. When it was all said done they decided it was best to go up and see what CK was planning.

Fairchild snatched Carramon by the arm, stood on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. "I spent most of my time from the deck of a ship fighting pirates and cursing with the best of my crew, but I have never forgot the schooling my father gave me. That was some bloody excellent shooting you pulled off that day, you saved my life and I thank you."

She turned to walk away and then turned back to him. "Don't expect me to be all lady like all the time, blood and ashes boy close your mouth you act as if you have never seen a girl before"

Carramon watched her go the stairs and blushed again, but he wasn't sure if it was from the kiss her calling him "boy". Val chuckled and pushed him toward the stairs and he gave him a dirty look and decided that sometime in the near future he would explain to the lady Fairchild that he wasn't a boy and she should damn well know her place around him…

"It's a can of worms my friend, let it alone and accept it for what it is." Val whispered in his ear as he passed him on the stairs

Carramon only shook his head and followed, he wasn't sure if he liked this Fairchild woman or not…
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If anger were to transform into smoke, well then Val would have choked as he walked out onto the front lawn of his home. Carramon was staring at the ground so hard Val expected a mound of grass to explode at any moment and Fairchild was stalking off toward the shore in a defiant feminine sway. They had been at each others throats for the last five days and he was tired of trying to reason with either of them. He jammed his feathered hat on a fence post and without speaking a word he snatched Car by the back of his collar began dragging him in the direction Fairchild had stalked away. Car wasn't weak by any standards but Val battled hardened and well toned from years of fencing was the stronger of the two and had little trouble dragging him to the waters edge. When they reached the shore Val tossed his friend into the cold water. Cars cursing and protesting turned into spitting and spluttering as he pulled himself back to shore. Fairchild laughed has hard as she could without hurting her already wounded side until she noticed Val's hard stare and she quickly regained her lady like composure.

"We have been friends a good long time, never have I seen you act in this sort of manner. I have heard the fighting and bickering long enough, it ends here and now. You run off in the shadows to play dark hero and return here to act like a brat with a snot nose. Grow up man!" Val told Carramon in a stern voice

"I couldn't agree more, well said" Fairchild nodded

Val looked at her for a moment and then pushed her into the freezing water as well.

"As for you young lady, I have watched you grow from a child and I remember quite well how your father would bend you over his knee. I may not be your father but I am family and you may be able to bluff others but you cant bluff me. When you are strong enough to have another ship and sail you can act like a pompous sea maiden all you wish, but, while you are staying under my roof and in my care you will respect not only me but others who live here. If you want to act like a child I will gladly break a switch from that tree yonder and bend you over my knee and spank you like your one…do I make myself clear?" he gave her the same stern voice he had used on Carramon

When he seen they were not going to dispute his actions he walked away leaving Carramon in the grass on his knees and Fairchild sitting upright in the cold water still in shock from being shoved in. Car stood and offered his hand and she took it , he pulled her up to her feet and helped her out of the cold water. There was no doubt about it, both felt a little embarrassed.

"Did the fall hurt your wounds" Car ask her through chattering teeth

"No, but I cant say the same for my pride" She answered through her own chattering teeth.

"Agreed, shall we pick what pride is left off the ground and have some hot tea?" He asked

She nodded and they began walking back to the house. "He call me a pompous sea maiden"

"A sea maiden is far better then a snot nosed brat I'll wager" He replied.

They both chuckled and did not fight the rest of the day.

CK had heard none of the bickering or fighting over the last few days. In fact the time he had come out of his room was to bound into the woods only to return a few hours later and hide once again in his room. What they didn't know that he was preparing, the prayers and the meditation all was helping him prepare. Prepare for an all out war…
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Valmeer must have been trying to prove a hard point fore when the two returned back to the house they found all the doors locked and their belongings stacked in neat piles. One lone bow and arrow lay in their stuff, apparently they were to become friends or one should kill the other, which ever happened first…

Carramon stoked the fire under the cauldron with a large stick, he had been packing wood for almost an hour and his wet clothes stuck to his skin. Fairchild who sat across from him wrapped in one of his blankets her red hair matted to her forehead. After two hours of trying to convince Valmeer to let them in they had both given up and decided there was no use in freezing to death, so, Car had set out gathering wood and Fairchild had set up their makeshift camp site. He don't know how but she had changed into dry clothes during one of his wood gathering trips and now she began to try and attempt to brush the tangles out of her long hair. He shivered at the thought of his own wet clothing and decided he wasn't going to freeze to death tonight.

"Well the fire is going pretty good now, I think I will change into some dry clothes" He stood up and started digging through his stuff Val had sit outside in a neat pile. He found what he was looking for and tossed his wet tunic over the fence railing beside her clothing and when he turned back around he noticed fairchild's ice blue eyes boring into him. Quickly he pulled the clean tunic over his head and almost got his head hung in the leather ties at the collar and she laughed at him.

"Would you mind not doing that while I change clothes" He asked her

"You know you have more muscles then I thought you would have" She said in a smirking manner, it all came to her in a flash, he was as scared as a new born babe in a wolves den around women. " Though I must say I have seen bigger muscles then yours."

He tried not to look embarrassed " Would you please turn your head so I can change my pants"

She narrowed her eyes and faked a blush. "You have small clothes on don't you, are you one of those guys who walks around without small clothes on?"

"By the gods woman please turn around I'm freezing to death, so help me I will use that last arrow if you don't" He yelled louder then he wanted too, she only chuckled and did as he ask.

He quickly put his clothes on and returned to the fire and began tossing some herbs into the cauldron trying to a avoid her eyes. She on the other hand was like a shark in the water and before he could start slicing rabbit meat she tossed her blanket off and stood up in a fake stretch. Car dropped all the meat on the ground, the fool girl had one of his tunics one and nothing else! Though it was very big on her, more like a night gown you would say it still showed more leg then he was used to seeing even in a tavern and his face burned hot.

"You have had your fun, your still sick don't get yourself ill again to poke fun at me" he told her as he wrapped her blanket around her and sit her back down.

"You act as if you have never seen a girl before, Val should let you out more often." She sighed because her game was over so fast.

"I go pretty much go were ever I please and yes I have seen plenty of dancers and such in taverns so your little tricks to embarrass me isn't working" He lied…

" If I had my ship I would show you a tavern in bucs den that would make your eyeballs curl from the sights of barley dressed tavern wenches and bar fights that last for days." She said in matter of fact tone.

" I could care less for tavern wenches and bar fights, I would just like a warm bed." He muttered trying to clean the grass off his rabbit meat.

"If I had my ship, we could sneak off and sail to a warm inn, Minoc isn't far from here" She began to point and show him the direction when he stood up so fast the rabbit meat he had been cleaning fell to the ground once more. He took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet and lead her to the back of the house, then turned north though a small patch of woods and in seconds a large dragon ship loomed before them in the draining sunlight. Fairchild had been first mate and even a captain of many ships but she had never sailed a large ship such as this, she gasp at the sight of it.

"It's name is Storm Racer, its really fast to be so big…" He told her.

"Do you know the owner? " She asked dropping the blanket and stepping into the cold water to get a better look the ship

" It's mine" Was all he said when he realized he had never let loose of her hand he pulled her out of the ankle deep shore line and released her hand.

"This, belongs to you? You know how to sail this ship" When she looked at him her blue eyes were gleaming like a small child in a toy shop. "Were did you get it?"

" Well, to answer your questions, Yes is it my ship, sure I can sail it somewhat, I tried my hand at being a fisherman for a bit so i'm not an expert but I can sail it alone. Third, Lets just say I inherited it from a man using it to push slave girls through Trinsic"

" It's a very very nice ship, how long have you had it here? If I had a ship like this I wouldn't be sleeping on the lawn." Her eyes sparkled again

" It's been sitting here for months really, I don't have much time to take her out these days." He said more to himself then to her and then something clicked in his mind and he blurted out " She's yours"

"Your joking! Your giving me this ship?" It was her turn to be stunned

" Aye, I have no need for her and if it gets you out of my hair then shes yours" Car spoke in a tone that sounded as if she was doing him a favor by sailing away.

"Oh but I cant leave Valmeer and CK, not like this, not after taking me in" Her smile sank into a frown "But…"

"But? But what…" He asked noting the smirk on her face

"Well, if we could somehow gather up some coin we could sail her to an inn with those warm beds you wanted" She tip toed across the cold grass and picked up her blanket again, her feet and bare legs were beginning to get cold.

"I have s small stash in my bank box…" He said watching her dance across the grass and blushing when she noticed him looking. " We'll show him. I'll go back leave a note and grab you some better suited clothes, you get the ship ready!"

So while Fairchild took the small row boat out to the Storm Racer Car went back jotted a hasty note and dug through what little stuff she had. He quickly learned that the only clothing she had was wet and cursing he pinned the note on the door and ran back to the ship, Fairchild brought the boat back around and picked him up and they both rowed out to the ship and climbed onto her deck.

"Sorry, the only thing I could find for you to wear was a pair of my pants, maybe if we find a good piece of rope we can make you a belt. I'll buy you something to wear when we get to town" He said looking around for something to make a belt with.

Fairchild tossed the pants over her shoulder and walked into his arms, standing up on her tip toes she kissed him and gave him a good squeeze. Car looked at her with a weary look on his face, the last time she gave him a kiss it was followed by a good tongue lashing.

"Relax archer, you are buying me a warm bed to sleep in, new clothes and you have given me the ship I have always wanted. You earned that one, maybe another if that one wasn't enough." She said pulling the pants on over her cold legs.

"No no… that one was…fine" Car said rubbing his chin. He looked at her for a long time and then turned to get the rigging ready to sail. "Alright milady, the ole girl is ready for you to take her out. Minoc is it?"

Fairchild laughed out loud at his modesty and his attempt to sound like a sailor " No sir, master Carramon, The lady has been offered a fine bed and good clothing. You will find none of that in Minoc, I'm taking advantage of this trip, we are sailing for Brit"

Car laughed with her, but inside he hoped beyond hope he had enough gold stashed away to really do all those things because for some stupid reason he like to watch her blue eyes sparkle.
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The Wayfarer's Inn

Carramon wasn't exactly sure how much gold he had left in his small pouch, three dress shops, a provision shop and dinner for two and two pitchers of spiced ale at the salty dog sure drained the fat pouch quicker then he liked. That wasn't counting the docking fees they charged him for bringing such a large ship into the Brit harbor. The inn keeper wasn't exactly sure how to take him and his friend as he asked for the largest room they had, one with two beds of course.

"Sorry mi-lord, we do have one large room open on the second floor, but it only has one large bed." The inn keeper told him.

"Alright then, how about two small rooms with small beds" Car sighed and pulled out his small pouch

"Nothing doing sir, we have the one large room open and one of the smaller rooms" The inn keeper told him

Car muttered under his breath but paid the woman and helped Fairchild carry her new bags up to the large room. It could have been worse, they could have been no rooms and then what? They could have stayed at the Sweet Dreams but that was rather risky since the last time both of them was there it involved people getting killed. They could have slept on the ship of course but what was the point of sailing two hours to Brit to sleep on a bloody ship when they could have done that to begin with. So, Car found himself slumped in a chair of a very large room with a very large bed, knowing that he would retire downstairs later to a lumpy small bed in a room just big enough for a night stand and said bed. He rubbed his temples as Fairchild dashed back and forth from the changing room, which by the way was larger then his room as well, showing off the new clothes he had bought her.

She noticed his lack of comments, tucking her red locks behind her ears she sat cross legged on the bed and her blue eyes began to bore holes in him until he could bare it no longer and he finally spoke.

"This is very, ironic…" he said with a slight chuckle.

"Ironic? How so?" She asked her bangs falling over her eyes as she leaned over and placed her hand on her chin.

"Valmeer, you know he rescued me from my family. My father was a rich noble, a [censored] of a man really. I hate him and all he stands for, anyway, one day Valmeer tossed me in a large pack on a mule and snuck me away from the beatings and the lashings and what not." Car said quietly

"OK, how is that ironic with what we are doing now?" Fairchild sat up and once again tucked her hair behind her ears with a odd look on her face

"It's ironic because on that very day I made a promise to him. The gold I earned wouldn't be spent on lavish things, fancy inns and pretty girls. I would only take life in defense of another and no matter what I would always speak with honor and treat others as I wanted to be treated." He said in a flat tone

"That's a very bold promise, one that should not be taken lightly I should say" She told him, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Here I sit, in a fancy inn, spending all my gold on lavish things for a pretty girl. The only honor I have is my own and my hands are stained with the blood of men I have killed for reasons that do not matter to me. Tell me how would your father feel about that?" He said holding his hands up and looking at them

The comment made her sit upright and look at him for a long time, her blue eyes seeming to peek into his soul. He squirmed a few times under her gaze and was thinking it might be the right time to find his way to his little room when she slide off the bed, walked over to were he was standing , crossed her arms and gave him a stern look. He couldn't help but to look back at her, he wasn't sure if it was the light in the room or the dress she had on but he was sure there was a different look to her blue eyes…

"Why do you say that? Do you think your not good enough for my fathers approval?" She asked in almost a whisper

"Well I didn't mean it like that, I kill men from hundreds of yards away, most of the time I don't even see their faces. I am in no way a man of virtues. Bloody hell I wear a mask to hide my face when I go to battle." He said pulling the bandanna he had tucked under his tunic out to show her.

"So because you do not bow before an alter or Ankh you are not worthy? Look at me as I stand before you." She stood back and opened her arms " You saved my life, from behind your mask. You and CK have done good things, though they are in secret. The very ship we sail on was full of slave girls, don't think for a second you are not a hero to each of them. Is it the spiced ale speaking for you, because what you say is rubbish"

" I am not a hero, by no means woman. How many people have died before I could save them, how many people have I killed." He said looking at the floor, for some reason he couldn't stop talking.

"Don't measure yourself so short you wool headed fool. The people you have killed deserved to die.The people you have saved desrve to live. That is Virtue in my eyes, you do what must be done. We are all judged by our actions and I think my father would have approved of you" She told him

"Its not his approval that I would be looking for" He said faintly

Again her blue eyes sparkled and she ran her fingers through her red locks before turning and latching the door. She walked back to him very slowly and held out her hand, he took it and she pulled him up out of the chair. His hand in hers he followed her to the large bed before she turned on him and stepped into his arms.

"Whats this all about" he said as he felt his cheeks redden from her body being so close to his.

" This pretty girl don't need lavish things, she already has her hero and I shall show him how I approve of him" She said in a seductive tone and pushed him onto the bed…


Val noticed that it had grown very quite and dark outside and he stepped out to see how the two were doing. Right away he knew something wasn't right, the fire had gone out and the note attached to the railing were his first signs. He read the note twice and crumbled it up and tossed it in the dead fire.

"Your testing me arnt you" He said looking up at the sky "You have given me two full blown fools and placed them in my charge, your testing my will power arnt you"

He walked back in the house, found his feathered hat and stuffed it on his head and began to chant the words of scared journey. He was going to be out all night looking for these two, he could feel it and nine hells have no furry when he found them. He might just break a switch from the first tree he found and whip them both like school children. He almost cursed under his breath but he remembered that he was planning to take up the cloth and no need to break down before he even started.

"That's it, it's a test isn't it. Your testing me" He said again as he recalled to Minoc and starting marching toward the Tavern
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A cat scurried out from under boots as they climbed the stairs and stopped in front of the door with the room number they were looking for and knocked. On the other side of the door Car was just getting dressed and trying not to wake Fairchild, the knock on the door destroyed all his stealthy work though. She wrapped her self in her bed sheet and made for the changing room when the second knock came at the door.

"Excuse me milady, we were wondering if you could help us" came the stern voice from the other side of the door.

Fairchild, who had been giving Car a smile as she closed the changing room door quickly shut it behind her and yelled that she wasn't decent for them to hold on. After a few minutes she came from the changing room looking like a queen and it made Car wonder why women always took so long when it came to baths and wardrobes when this one had just done it in a matter of minutes. She opened the door ever so slightly and peeked outside to see three royal guardsmen standing in the hallway.

"May I help you gentlemen?" She put on her best ladylike impression, the one she had always used with her father to get what ever she wanted as a kid.

"Milady, we have reason to believe you came in here with someone who might be a suspect in a crime here in town" The leader of the trio gave her a warm smile despite his cold tone

"You mean my servant? You may find him in his room downstairs sir, good day" She told him and started to close the door but he placed his hand on the door and stopped her.

"I'm afraid we are going to have to search your room milady" He said his warm smile gone.

Car was trying to pry open one of the windows when a scream came from outside the door. It seems the stray cat the men had almost trampled at started to get its revenge on one of the guards by latching itself on his leg and biting and clawing. Car wasted no time at all as Fairchild slammed the door shut and latched it. Picking up a chair he smashed out the large window and look out to the street below, it wasn't that far of a drop but still you couldn't escape with busted legs. He turned back and flipped the mattress off the bed and with Fairchilds aid pulled it to the window and tossed it out. He lowered her down as far as his arms could reach and then she dropped on to the mattress and rolled to her feet.

"Get to the ship and make ready to sail" he yelled down to her

"What? Come on" She yelled back "Don't do anything stupid"

"Just go, wait for me until mid morning if i'm not there sail without me!" He said and hide himself, it' a good thing Ver had taken time to teach him the art of hiding and stealth, he was still learning but he was getting pretty good at it and he wanted to make sure Fairchild didn't get caught up in this mess. Stealthing to the door he unlatched it and taking a deep breath and cracked the door open enough to see outside. Relief flooded in him as he saw a large black panther sitting in front of the door and three men on the floor. He revealed and walked into the hall way. The large cat gave him an angry growl and transformed into a shape he knew all to well.

"Val is very…upset with you" CK told him from under his masked face.

"What else is new, is the way clear?" Car responded looking down the stairs and pulling his own bandanna up over his nose.

"I'm sure the inn keeper has ran to get help, any upstanding citizen would" CK said with a hint of sarcasm

"I spend all that money last night and how could I not buy a bow, or at least get one from the bank" Car said as a realized he was not armed.

CK shook his head as he heard the faint sound of marching coming from the west, more guards. His shape changed once more and Car was stunned as he stared at a mirror image of himself. "You stealth your way out of here, I'm going to have a little fun" CK told him with a cold smile and dashed down the stairs…

Fairchild stood on the deck of the Storm Racer , trying hard to stare a hole in the wood of the floor so she wouldn't have to look at Val. He had been waiting for her when she arrived and she had received a stern lecture as well as a harsh tongue lashing, without the curse's mind you but still harsh. She had to admit he was very intimidating standing in his robe with his arms crossed over his broad chest, a hood pulled up over his head to cover his eyes making all you could see of his hard face from his nose down, at his hips were two kyrss's and a large spear strapped to his back. He looked every bit the warrior she had heard about growing up.

Thankfully the silence was broken when Car revealed himself in front of her, in great relief and without thinking she jumped into his arms and kissed him. Then realizing what she had just done in front of Val tried to collect herself the best she could and stepped back.

"Glad you made it" She said trying not to sound to happy

"Aye, glad you could give us the pleasure of your presence" Val's voice was hard as stone

Car started to say something but Val held up his hand not wanting to hear what his excuse was and walked away. Car followed him of course trying to explain to him why things happened they way they did as Val made sure the crew he had hired was doing their jobs. Finally as they made their way to large steering wheel Val had had enough and he wheeled on Car and let him have it.

"Enough, you are a man now and you don't make excuses for your actions. You live with what you have done, make corrections in your life if you can and then you move on." Val told him

"I know that, I'm not a kid anymore Val" Car told him his voice growing hot

"Then stop acting like one boy! In the last year alone you've been in jail twice, now your on a crusade to be a famous hero outlaw, you have the royal guard after you now boy, this is not a petty crime to spend a few months in jail, we are talking about hangings or life in prison." He said through gritted teeth

" You always told me to stand up for what I think is right, I know I'm not heaven sent but I'm me and that's all I can be. I'm sorry if I am not the wide eyed boy you rescued from my fathers lashings. You always taught me to have a purpose and now I do." Car was voice was almost to the point of yelling.

"Yes, purpose, your destiny is to swing from the gallows." Val told him bluntly

Car started to fire back at him but stopped and gave Fairchild a sour look and stalked away to the other end of the ship. She joined him at the wheel of the ship as he turned it trying to position the ship the way he wanted.

"Your to hard on him, he is a good person you know. He thinks of you as a father and values your opinions of him" She said softly

"This is your ship lady Fairchild, you should be sailing her" He said and backed away from wheel as she took over.

"He told me of how you saved him from his cruel family and how he looks up to you last night. You shouldn't be so hard on him Val, he is a good person with good intentions." She said again and looked over her shoulder at him

"His mother was never cruel to him, she was a fine woman. Her husband on the other hand I should have killed for beating them like that. The boy had a hard life but that don't make it right for him to act like a fool." Val responded after a moment. " I am hard on him because I have to be, I don't think of him as a son because he is my son."

Fairchild let loose of the wheel and spun around to face him with a stunned look on her face. Her red locks blowing in the wind and the sea must have made her ice blue eyes even more blue because they seemed to almost glow.

"You mean Car is your son…" She asked still stunned

"Aye, I loved his mother more then words could say. But that is another story for another time. That's why I am so hard on him, because he is my son and I want to see him be the best he can be." He told her

"He is being the best he can be Val, you just have to have faith in him. He may not be a paladin or a proud warrior but he does the same thing they would do in his own way" She responded

"Aye I know, you speak very fondly of him lady Fairchild. It is good to see you are…friends now" Val said with a soft smile " I expect that this conversation does not leave this area, I will tell him in time."

" Aye, of course" Fairchild told him as she steered into open water and yelled for the sails. " May this ship sink to ocean floor if I repeat what you have just told me."

Val patted her on the shoulder and left her with a smile on her face as the sails caught wind and the Storm Racer roared to life. She had been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

"Give her room to breath lads, let the ole girl stretch her legs!" She yelled as the ship cut through the waves reaching its full speed.
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The Storm Racer creep-ed into the bay of Buccaneer's Den around mid-morning and Fairchild docked her so that they could leave in a hurry if they needed to, which was sometimes just a normal trip to Buc's Den even if the royal guard wasn't hunting you down. She gave the huge wheel a pat and smiled to herself as any proud captain would of such a fine ship. Around her and the rest of her companions loud music and the normal banter of the small city could be heard every were, here you had a better chance of getting your throat cut by a drunken sailor then getting arrested by a guardsmen and they would much rather take their chances with pirates.

"She's a fine ship Fairchild, she will bring a nice profit" Val said to her as he walked past toward the harbor

"Hold on, what do you mean by profit?" She asked catching up to him

"People saw this ship leave Brit, do you think you will be able to keep it? Sell it, use the profit to buy another and hire a good crew" Val said looking at her from under his hood.

"I bloody well will not…." She started but Val stopped mid stride and rounded on her

"You will watch your tongue around me young lady, you can curse and spit like a grown man when we part ways but until then you will be the lady I expect you to be" He told her and then added "Wipe that sour look off your face, it might freeze like that and then you will never fetch a young man to marry you…"

She stopped in her tracks, her blue eyes hot with anger. Car who had been trying to catch up with her wrapped his arm around her waist and she jumped away. It didn't take a scholar to see when a woman was angry and though he hadn't been schooled much in his life he knew the woman in front of him was very scorned to say the least.

"Whats wrong with you?" He asked with a concerned look

"That…that…fa..friend of yours is just impossible, that's whats wrong" She stuttered realizing what she had almost said

"Aye" He said and started to walk away and then turned back to her "He wants to sell the ship, that's it isn't it?"

She smacked him hard across the face, lifted her skirts and hurried after Val. Car rubbed his jaw and shook his head "Yeah, he's going to sell the ship."

Later that evening the crew had settled in and a few of the more trusted ones were allowed to venture off the ship to the Pirates Plunder, the towns only Tavern. Val , who could not shake Fairchild, had parked himself in the tavern as well talking with locals he had once knew during his days as a rares trader. After talking to a skimpy dressed bar maid he turned back to his cup of ale he pretended to be drinking and looked in it as if to find answers to his questions.

"Whats wrong she turn you down?" Fairchild snarled at him from behind her own cup of ale

"What? No, silly girl would you like me to have you escorted back to the ship?" He asked her in a strict tone

"You mean my ship? The ship you are going to sell off? " Her voice was heavy with sarcasm

" Do we have to go through this again, I mean really are you going to cry like a small school girl who has lost her doll?" He said to her

"I am not a small school girl Val, I would like it if you stopped calling me one" She told him

"Stop acting like one and I shall, you know we have to sail that ship, for our own safety" He stated in a matter of fact tone

"Aye, I know" was her only reply as she downed the mug of ale and ordered another.

It was then Car rolled into tavern like a man on a mission, apparently he had been to his bank box fore on his back was a quiver full of arrows and on his shoulder was a large bow case. His hood up and his bandanna covering his face he gave Val the slightest look and then turned and walked out of the tavern. Val noting look ordered another round and one for the house and as the drunken crowd cheered he poured his ale into another mans cup and pulled Fairchild out of the tavern while no one was paying attention to them. They found Car hiding in the shadows and he motioned for them to follow his up the dirt street until they came to an empty house.

"I was on my way to the inn when I over heard two sailors talking about the cargo they were exchanging tomorrow morning. One of the big brutes had a large sack over his shoulder so I backed off and stealthed them to the…the…bathhouse" He said trying not to look at Fairchild

" I hope you are going some were with all of this lad, because i'm not in the mood to…" Val started but Car raised his hand and motioned for him to let him finish

" It's seems these sailors are part of a smuggling ring. Corrupt officials from certain cities who are taxing locals to death, off the books of course, when these poor saps cant pay they trade, their wives, sons or daughters or even themselves for labor." Car told him

"Did you hear what city officials?" Val asked him

"Nay, but this ship off the harbor is full of these people right now, its to meet with another ship in the morning near Skull Island and then sail for the lost lands. Apparently they put them to work deep in the lost lands mining and such." Car said with a bitter taste in his mouth

"What do you purpose we do then? Go to the royal guard and trade your freedom for this information?" Val asked rubbing his chin

"What? No, I say we take both those ships and then find out were they are taking these people" Car answered

"That's foolish, we already may have Britain officials after us, we should go to the authorities" Val said trying to drive some sense in the young man

"Aye, right the same authorities who are pulling these Shem's. We should do exactly that." Car shook his head "Are you not listening Val, how hard would it be to trust me just one time? Your officials and guards are as bad as cut throats"

"Not all of them are like that and you know it" Val told him

Car grabbed them both and pulled them around the small house to a spot were the jungle had grown thick. Kneeling he pulled a large sack open and the contents inside cause Fairchild to squeal and then cover her mouth and turn away. Val on the other hand just stood there with a look of disgust. Inside the sack were the remains of what once was a man or woman, they couldn't really tell, it had been hacked so to fit in the large sack and then dropped here by the sailors who didn't want it to stink up their ship before they set sail again.

"The ones who are have done this, this was a living breathing human being Val. Those poor people deserve Justice" Car told him with a snarl

"Who can serve such Justice…" Val said to himself more then to anyone else

"You can, I will…." Car stood and pulled from his pocket a bandanna and opened his hand offering it to Val

"I'm in as well, may the gods watch over this poor soul" Fairchild said from a safe distance

Car and Val stood looking at each other for a long time, it was then that Val saw the fire in the young mans eye. It was the first time he had ever seen it, he shook with it. He wasn't trying to play a child's game, he really wanted to help those poor people. His vengeance was their justice.

"Very well, come Fairchild lets rally the crew" Val said and took the bandanna from Cars hand

Car covered the remains of the corpse and laid it in a hole he had already dug and then covered it. When he was finished he wiped sweat from his brow as he knelt and placed his hand on the fresh grave.

"They will pay for this, I promise you, they all will pay"

When the young man Car walked back on the ship late that evening he had a different look in his eye, Fairchild said he had the mad look she had seen in CK's eye. Val on the other hand knew the look, he had seen it many times before in his younger days when he had looked at himself in the mirror.
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It was just before dawn when the Storm Racer rounded the edge of Skull Island and the ship holding all the slaves came into view. Val and Car both stood on deck watching the ship as it loomed closer. Val had already briefed them, they were to kill no one unless it was necessary and no one was to board the ship until Val gave the command. After they attacked the ship they had less then two hours to take it and move the prisoners off onto the Storm Racer before the next ship showed up.

"So, how much longer are you going to wait until we hit that thing?" Car said as he stood beside him

"When ever I get my signal you will get yours" Val told him watching the ship

"What signal?" Car asked

Val did not have to answer for him. Screams began to erupt on the smugglers ship as two energy Vertex's erupted on the deck, sailors were diving into the cold waters and Car watched as a large eagle swooped down on the deck, lighting bursting from its talons and dancing across the deck of the ship.

" That would be the signal" Val said and turned away to join Fairchild. Car and the rest of the crew waited until she swung the ship around broad side and then boarded the ship to find what was left of the crew face down on the deck begging for their lives, their hands and legs bound with rope. In the center of the ship CK stood with his boot on the captains head. The man tried to wiggle but CK pushed down with his boot and the man screamed in pain.

"How did you get here?" Car asked his friend

"I have been following you around since you left Britain. It wasn't hard to do" CK told him and nodded to Val as he walked up to them

"Well done old friend, now lets get these people off this ship" He said and they set to work of moving people off the ship to their own. It did not take them as long as they had expected to but they still hurried to get the Storm Racer away and around the Island so it would not be seen. Once the Ship was away they took the remaining crew and the ones they had pulled from the water and placed them in the hold and locked it.

"How did you control him and not have him kill all these men?" Car whispered to Val as he watched CK take the shape of an eagle once more and fly away in search of the second ship.

"I cant control him, so I bargained with him." Val answered as he to watched CK fly away

"Bargained?" Car asked

"This ship no one gets killed, the next ship he may attack as he pleases" Val responded

It wasn't long before CK returned and landed into human form with some rolled papers in his hand. He gave them to Val and he in turn looked at them. They were actually maps and signed documents, the map even had its plot to the smugglers camp. CK told him that the ship was rounding the corner of the cape and would be here any minute and so Val set to work making his own crew look busy as if it was their ship while CK and Car who would spear head the attack prepared themselves, CK taking the shape of a black raven and Car hiding himself near the plank. The plan was simple, CK would swoop onto the ship and take out the captain first thing, when Car revealed and released take out the first mate, the crew would follow suit and attack as well. While all this was taking place Fairchild would be swinging back around to pick them up, Val would unlock the crew on the ship they had just taken and be gone before they realized they were free and by that time, with some luck, the message Val had sent via pigeon would have reached Buc's Den, Pirates would come running at a easy chance of taking a empty ship, they would deal with the crew in their own way and by that time the Storm Racer, its crew and the people they had rescued would be long gone.

Val unbuckled his Kyrss's as he watched a small dirty ship round the cape and sail toward them. He ducked behind some barrels as not to be seen while the rest of the crew made busy as if this were their ship and it was a normal day of trading slaves. Over head the black raven watched as the the plank dropped and the ships joined. It swooped down and fluttered in front of the captain of the ship before transforming into human form. The Captain was stunned as the man with black glassy eyes grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the large wheel of the ship.

"What are you?" The captain blurted in fear

"I am vengeance, I have come to collect the debt of all the souls that have died by your hands" The black eyed man snarled and flames burst from his hand setting the captain on fire from the neck up. He turned away from the screaming man raised his hands and brought them down as if swinging hammers in each hand and the sails of the ship burst into flames. The crew still confused in all the commotion didn't know were to turn as Car revealed himself in front of the first mate and at point blank range he drove an arrow through his eye, he dropped like a stone to the deck. The captain and first mate both dead the rest of the crew did not have much of a chance as Val and the rest of his crew charged, especially as Val with a Kyrss in each hand took out five of the enemy sailors in a matter of seconds by himself. The rest of the crew tossed down their weapons and begged for mercy.

Val and the Crew returned to the first ship and quietly unlocked the door and right on cue the Storm Racer came in, they all boarded save for CK and she was off racing through the water and out of sight of the two ships. Before they sailed out of sight Car watched as the ship they second ship they had attacked burst into flames and began to sink into the ocean, he smiled as CK landed back on the Storm racer and gave him a nod as to say the deed was done. They had done it, attacked two ships, rescued over eighty captives and sailed away without being seen, the first ship would be over ran by Pirates and though it went unsaid everyone knew that CK's mercy on the remaining crew of the second ship was a death less painful then most, more or less.

Car looked to Fairchild who had changed from her dress to her usual clothing she wore while sailing. The leather cords in her tunic was undone showing just enough cleavage to make the mind wonder and her soft leather skirt showed off her long legs. The rest of her female armor had been fitted just for her and it showed it in full detail, every, single curve. Her long red hair was now pulled back in a pony tail and the morning sky reflected in her blue eyes. One was not to be fooled by her stunning beauty though. A bow strung on her back and a quiver on her left hip and a mace on her right hip, her sway when she walked. She could fight as well. He couldn't help it though she was his weakness and he bound up the steps to were she stood at the at the large wheel of the ship and was barking orders to certain crew members. He leaned on the rail crossed his arms and smiled at her.

"What are you smiling at" she asked him her pony tail swinging behind her as she turned the large wheel.

"Nothing, I'm just in a good mood is all" he answered

"Very good, good indeed. Since you are in such a great mood you wont mind explaining to me why you were stealthing around in the Buc's Den bathhouse." Her smile might as well have been daggers " I mean since you are in such a great mood I think it would be great for you to share with me such a wonderful story, of what sights you saw there and why you had to go in, unnoticed and unseen…"

The smile on Car's face left and his shoulders slumped more then he had wanted them too, oh how she was his weakness and oh how he had wished he had never came up to visit her on this fine day…
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Car had spent the better part of the day trying to avoid any contact with Fairchild, which was hard to do no matter how large the ship was. He now stood along the deck of the ship firing off arrows that were warped or frayed and not good enough to use in battle, he looked toward the upper deck from time to time but all he got in return is was a cold stare or nothing at all. The weather had grown cold again since leaving the jungle regions and it would get colder as they sailed toward Minoc, their course was to slip in and drop Valmeer off near his home. He was going to use his old trading connections to see if they could find anything out, mean while CK wanted to sail for Serpent's Hold for reasons he would not share with anyone other then saying that they needed to stop there.

His bad arrows spent Car turned back around and scooted down on the deck to start tinkering with his cross bows. They were hand made just for him, not to large and not to small. The prods were spring loaded, which meant they folded against the stalk of the bow while they were in their holsters on his hip, as he drew them from the holsters he hit a small lever and the spring released and it was ready to fire. The Bolts were custom as well and inside the stalk of each gun were four bolts not counting the one already loaded, as he shot and the bolt was released a spring inside the bow worked gears brought the next bolt out and loaded it within seconds he was ready to shot again. Car was useless when it came to hand to hand combat, he had to have nice gadgets to help him survive and these sure made his life a lot easier. He couldn't wait to see what Ironman had created for him next.

"Iron ole boy you're a genius" He said as he practiced pulling the crossbows from their holsters

" It's to bad he cant make that work on you…" came a voice behind him.

He turned to find Fairchild standing there, she had changed into warmer clothes but that didn't change the fact that he could make out every shape and curve of her body. She had taken her hair down and her red locks were tucked behind her ears, the sun had brought out a few freckles on her nose which was crinkled into a snarl. Her arms crossed beneath her breast and her ice blue eyes as cold as any winter storm left him little time to admire her.

" I think you should really get over yourself" he said and went back to playing with his crossbows

"Do you? Really now. I think I should walk over there and toss you into the sea" she fired back

"I would like to see you try, you've been in a raw mood at me for no reason the last two days, come here and push me over board…I dare you" Car had decided that he wasn't going to let her embarrass him in front of all these men like she had done since yesterday.

"You dare me? I might remind you that this is my ship" She walked up and got so close that she almost knocked him over just by surprising him so.

"A ship I gave you!" He growled back at her not backing down. The whole crew had took notice now, he couldn't take it back now, it was sink or swim. " I demand to know whats got a spur in your side"

"You! Prancing around in bathhouses were low life wenches show off themselves to any man who walks through the door to get in his pants and his money pouch!" She screamed in full blown anger, her nose now touching his.

" I was seeking information to save the lives of the people aboard this ship right now, whats it matter who was in that bathhouse!" He screamed back and now not only was their nose's touching but their heads were together as if they were mountain goats about to square off in a dual.

"Because your mine Carramon Majere and I will have the hide of any other who lays hands on you, no wenches or barmaids nor any other woman!!!" In the heat of battle she had forgotten everyone around her, her cheeks grew red and she blinked once but quickly regained her composer.

Car was taken back as well, he actually didn't have a come back to yell at her, he didn't really know what to say but he couldn't very well let it end like this, his pride was at stake. So, in a low voice as he could muster so that others could not hear he snarled and said " Why would I look at other woman when I would rather look at you, breath in your smell, watch you sway when you walk. You are mine as well and the same goes for any man that touches you"

Fairchild's face grew as red as her hair once more but this time she was ready for it, she took half a step back and smacked him hard across the face. Car didn't not flinch from the blow, he of course was getting used to this by now, he grabbed her with both hands around her waist and pulled her as hard as he could to him and kissed her just has hard. She finally pulled away from him gasping for air and brought her arm around to hit him again but this time he caught her hand before it could reach its target.

"I'll only give you one today milady" he tried his best to sound angry

She jerked her hand away from him tucked her hair back behind her ears turned and stomped back towards the large steering wheel. She bit her bottom lip and smiled until she noticed a short fat crew member looking at her.

"What are you looking at you mongbat of a man, get back to bloody work before I cut off your ears and feed them to the fish!" She yelled and he took off running to find something to do.

Val was steering the ship with a small smirk on his face when she got there to take over. He started to open his mouth and speak but she glared at him and in a under her breath she said " I respect you more then anyone in this world, but I swear on my fathers grave that if you mention this to me ever I will kick you were no man wants to be kicked"

Val gave her a soft chuckle raised his hands and bowed his head to her as he turned and walked away.
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Tides That Change

Looking into the mirror Car ran his fingers through his damp hair, what ever concoction Fairchild had brewed up had worked, the green dye he had put in when he was younger was gone and his true color of dark brown now took its place. Fairchild, with a satisfied look on her face winked at him as he looked at her through the mirror. He had decided that he needed to be less noticeable and she had been quick to jump on the band wagon for a make over. Her smile made it clear that she was having fun as she pulled his hair back and tied it into a pony tail with a leather cord.

“ This is a power thing for you isn't it?” He asked when she was finished

“ No, you looked good before but this is much better, no scruffy slouch. You look like a handsome outlaw now…” She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears

“Well we still haven't thought of a new name, I am done with my fathers name. A new me a new name aye?” He said has he pulled his tunic back on.

“It will come. Give it time” She winked and they started down the stairs.

When they made it to the bottom floor Ironman and Valmeer sat near the forge with their heads together, most likely looking at a new gizmo he had created. Crypt Keeper was on the floor doing his whole praying thing and no one noticed when they came down, Fairchild of course was wanting others to marvel at her work and so she cleared her throat loudly, Crypt was the only one who didn’t take notice.

“Wow lad, you look like a new man” Ironman smiled at him over his round glass’s

“ Aye, well done indeed milady he looks a lot like…” Valmeer said and cut himself off.

“ His father perhaps?” Fairchild smiled at her friend.

“Aye, in his younger days, perhaps” Valmeer responded

Ironman noticing the awkwardness of the situation thought it best to stomp it before it got out of hand, he pulled a small black object from his work bench and tossed it up in the air and caught it and grinned more to himself then anyone.

“How’s those crossbows working for you?” He asked

“ They work great, I need some more bolts though if you have them, I've shot all mine up practicing with them.” The archer told him

“Aye, I have plenty. Here if you like the crossbows you are going to love this. I made it just for you of course.” He said tossing the black object to his friend.

Catching it he looked it over for a long time with a frown and then he realized it was the grip of a bow, it had a small slit on the inside of it which was odd but it fit his hand perfect. He played with it for a long time trying to figure out the catch to it before he gave up and shrugged to the white haired man.

“Remember when I had you squeeze that clay I had rigged up so I could make the grips for your cross bows? A little mathematics and adding some old smithy tricks to my bow crafting goes along way. Instead of carving one bow limb, I sectioned them, in thin layers with small rivets, the string is attached to the end with the same rivets, if it breaks you just pop them out replace it and pop them back in. I used the clay to make the grip and measuring the pressure of your grip this will only work for you. Unless you squeeze it nothing happens…” He said and nodded as if it was as simple as putting on your boots.

His young friend only looked more confused, standing with his mouth open looking at the black grip in his hand. “So, in a nut shell whats all that mumbo jumbo mean”

“Oh just squeeze the flaming thing and be done with it!” Ironman shook his hands.

The archer gave the thing a squeeze and before he could blink the limbs of the bow shot out and out of the slit came the string attached to each end, there he stood holding a fully functional bow that he could fit in his pocket, it wasn't as along as he liked but it would be great for hit and run missions. He smiled and gave it another squeeze and just as it came out it went back in. Ironman chuckled and clapped his hands like a kid playing with new toys and then he held up his finger and went back to his workshop to dig in a chest, muttering to himself. After a few moments he produced a new hooded tunic and tossed it to him.

“I’m tired of you walking around with that great armor and nice weapons and a dusty old shroud, this one is fitted just for you as everything I make for anyone is. The inside has a small padding of light ringmail for extra protection and the hood is fitted so that it will not get in the way when you shoot.” Ironman spoke as he helped him into it. “ There, now you look like the part of the silent sniper”

“Now if I could only find a new name for myself I would be set aye?” The archer said looking at himself in the window pain, the darkness outside made it work as well as a mirror

“Tol Acharn” Fairchild blurted out as she watched him work his new bow, in the hooded tunic he did look the part of an outlaw.

“ Tol what?” He asked with a frown as he turned to look at her

“ It’s elvish, my grandmother was elvish. It was also the name of my fathers sword, I loved that sword” Fairchild told him as she stepped up and turned him back to the window and they stood there looking at themselves

“Whats it mean?” He asked as he put his new bow in a small case on his belt

“ Vengeance comes” She whispered and leaned closer to him

“ Then Tol Acharn it is” He said and in one swift motion he pulled his crossbows and aimed them at an imaginary enemy out the window

“Tol Acharn it shall be” he smiled at his reflection in the window
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