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[SOTA Official News] The Making of North Drachvald Spur

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From last week’s Update of the Avatar #211:

North Drachvald Spur is located in the Sirens mountains in the Drachvald region in the northeastern section of Novia. It started as a clone of the Whiteguard Foothills and is getting rebuilt to go live as a new scene in Release 39.

[A Dev+ Forum Post by Chris “Sea Wolf” Wolf]

Hey folks, today I will be sharing some screenshots from the uncloning of North Drachvald Spur. The area is home to a group of bandits who have been ambushing supply convoys using rock slides. The area will also feature the remnants of an abandoned mine, and a mysterious watchtower.

The terrain has also been reshaped to feature a ridge line of mountains to the east, which are present in the overworld map. The biome has been swapped for one inspired by the mountains of the pacific northwest United States.

Inspiration (Mt Rainier Washington)n-drachvald-1.jpg

The New Roadn-drachvald-2-1024x560.jpg

The Old Roadn-drachvald-3-1024x560.jpg

The Waterfalln-drachvald-4-1024x560.jpg

Broken Ridge Passn-drachvald-5-1024x560.jpg

The (mostly) Abandoned Mining Settlementn-drachvald-6-1024x560.jpg

The Bandit’s Campn-drachvald-7-1024x560.jpg

The Watchtowern-drachvald-8-1024x560.jpg

Here is a short video of my work on the scene:

Let me know what you think!

~Chris Wolf
Level Designer

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