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New Player on Windows 98 looking for some help

- - - - - windows 98 pc new old

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Hey. If this is in the wrong section, I apologize but I couldn't find any sort of technical help forum so I thought this might be the right place for it.

I figure I'm probably mostly on my own with this, but I just finished building my project Windows 98 PC for playing old games on and I wanted to ask for some help with installing the classic client. So far playing games like Doom and Diablo have been going great and are lots of fun but I wanted a cool old MMO to play on here and I thought what's a cooler 90s MMO than Ultima Online? Nothing, right?

So I checked the minimum requirements on the website and it says for the classic client windows 98 is still fine, however, when I try to install the classic client it first says my DirectX isn't new enough and asks me if I want to install it. (I have it updated to 9.0c which I believe to be what is required) Even if I click yes, it fails and gives me an error. Either way it moves on to the install of the game next which seems to go fine until I click "I Agree" to the EULA and hit next, then the install program shuts off without any word, warning error or otherwise. I'm not sure what the issue is.

I've tried installing an older version of the client ( hoping I could maybe update it through the already installed client, but I don't see an option to do that.

Anyways, I would be greatly appreciative of any help for getting it installed. I'd really like to get this game going on this PC as it would be such an awesome nostalgic trip, which is what I built it for pretty much.

Thanks and nice to meet you all.

Lord Chaos

Lord Chaos

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That is quite an oldie. But windows 98 is incredibly vulnerable when connected to the internet, so I would advice against it.


Have you tried downloading the full version of Direct x 9.0c? instead of letting it autoupdate?



    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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UO has outgrown WIndows 98, I fear.  I still have some old WIn 95 and Win 98 machines doing work for me and I used to have UO installed on both of them, but they stopped working awhile ago.  At the moment, my oldest windows operating system running UO is Windows XP.



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Couple of things -


1)  LC is 100% correct.  The dangers surrounding the online use of Win98 far outweigh any inherent coolness of playing online on an old computer.

2) There were multiple early versions of Direct X 9.0, and not surprisingly, if you are running the original 98, it will only work with the earliest version.  In order to get close to full functionality, you'll have to be running  a fully patched and upgraded version of 98SE, and even that didn't play nicely with 9.0c.


If you are intent on continuing, you'll either need the correct version for the version of 98 you are running, or (at an outside possibility) get your hands on an older UO client that didn't have the DX requirement patched in.  That will, of course, limit your shot at installing expansions (if it even runs).




That's as complete of a list of Direct X installers as I have ever seen.  You'll note that the last one to work with any form of Win98 was the Feb 2007 update, which leaves out at least 2 years of further updates.


A better alternative would be to create a Linux box with emulation.  Between Wine, Games for Linux, DOSBox and Cedaga/CrossOver, (you're on your own for those) you'll run the older games as well as, or better than, the original Windows environment, you get to choose the look and feel, and, in general, the machine will be far more safe to take online.

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