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[SOTA Official News] Community Spotlight: Fallin’ Green – Player Owned Town

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map_fallingreen.jpgThis latest Player Owned Town spotlight has Berek exploring the crossroads village of Fallin’ Green. Being a neighbour of Ardoris, the city of Love in the South, it is easy to find and access. Just enter Ardoris proper and use the conveniently provided transport to Fallin’ Green!

When I stepped out of the wagon that brought me here, the first thing I noticed was the cool breeze of the sea. With the murmuring of the waves and the noise of the sea gulls in my ears, I walked towards what was prominently the town center. Here, I passed a cute holiday snowman family hiding under a tree.

As I approached, I was greeted by a village vendor. He presented me the Tale of Fallin’ Green, and a selection of wares from the local crafters; at a very exclusive special discount offer of course.


While browsing the store, Govenor Tarin Merrywhistle spotted me from across the room.

“Hello and welcome to Fallin’ Green, Master Berek! May I show you around after you are done shopping here?” Govenor Tarin said.

“Why yes, please! What can you tell me about this amazing town?”

“The ‘Green has always been connected with the sea. Originally inhabited by fishermen, it developed into a well-known shipyard. That was the growing period, when many a tall ship had been build here, and when all the homes for the workers coming for the docks had been built. So many trees were felled during that period, the “Fallin’ Green” became our name.

With the downturn of the recent years, and danger creeping not only over land but also on the seas, all growth came to an halt. You won’t find any ship buildings here now. Fortunately, the crafters stayed and support each other, so we have weathered the storm. Even if several of the old inhabitants have wandered off or fled to Ardoris permanently, we do have the opportunity for new residents in now open housing spots.”


“The history of Fallin’ Green left its traces. At the center of a small park is our protector Sequanna, and the old town. The park had been nicknamed Love’n’Bell – obviously with the statue and the bell tower. This is the core of the old village, where you will see small, well tended homes of families living here since the first days of the village. The farmers and the windmill guarantee, together with the fishermen, the surviving of the residents. Also, there is the administration, and the village vendor that you already spoke to. The vendor proudly displays a nice selection of the wares produced in our town.

If you look north, you see the newer market area with the smaller row homes that had been built for the dock workers. Many of these are empty, ready for anyone wanting to join the community. By the way, do please forgive Ivannoe the bartender for being a bit grumpy. He misses the days of old…”


“Across the bridge we see the more posh area. Crown Beach is its name, and further on Lamp Island. On the island, a chapter of the venerable Brotherhood of the LAMP has set anchor. The chapter administrator is Sir Alar Griffonbourg. They chose the shoreline to embark onto their mysterious quests throughout New Britannia. Members are easily recognized by their greeting – ‘Shine!'”


“Above the beach, at Bird’s Crest, towers Merrywhistle Keep. It is the home of the Dukes of the Mended Flute, my family. The source of our name is a bit shrouded, but family tales tell of some fearful horror creature that my great granddad fought with nothing more than wielding the family flute. Well, I do have my doubts of the tale, but that is a discussion for another time. Ehem…”

“It is sad the ship builders have moved on, but the town remains strong. Who still resides here?”

“We are crafters and adventurers, given the history of the ‘Green. There are also farmers, such as Crom Fury the miller, as well as Yaneke’s Rug Stop. And of course the old tavern, known since long as the Knotted Log Inn, run by the family of Tripp Swindle. Just to name a few. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the Whacky Note Manufacture run again by my own family, producing some of the finest instruments for aspiring musicians.”

“What makes Fallin’ Green a place to come back to again?”


“We are gifted with a convenient location at the central Perennial Coast, and proximity to our large neighbor Ardoris. And the sea climate here in the south is lovely. But what makes a town special, makes it truly a place to call home, is always the people and their guilds, like Beran League.

In addition, we all love to gather around Love’n’Bell for recreation, and a public viewing spot with the balloon at the shore, ready to show off our town to any guests visiting like yourself.

We support our local businesses with a crafting house run by Tiffani SaintOnge, and provide a public town vendor for all to access. The service lot will soon be expanded for community functions as well. Many other towns across New Britannia have started to take notice of what we are doing here, and want to use the easy access to Ardoris that the town provides as a nice suburban trading hub.”

“What is the future of this quaint seaside town?”


“Given its convenient location and the pleasant newly refreshed atmosphere we’ve now built, we hope to acquire many new settlers. We are currently thinking about organizing several crafting events to celebrate a couple of recent arrives like are expert crafters. Possibilities include a local merchant’s faire, though my favorite idea is a series of regional folk and shanty music festivals.

For the public service area we are currently standing in, where the Christmas display still shines proudly, will all be expanded. Expansion work will probably include a small stage for plays, and booths for more trading opportunities.

To note for anyone interested in moving into Fallin’ Green, the lighthouse could use a bit of renovation to function well again, and also a tenant if possible to maintain it afterward…”

If you are interested in becoming part of Fallin’ Green, housing is listed at SotaMap.com, and listed in the community forums. You can also contact Tarin Merrywhistle in the game or on the forums for more history about the town!



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