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Playing a Trial is there people playing this game still?

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Hello There I use to play this game back in like 1997-1999. I saw a youtube video and resized this game is still going to this day. I Use to play on this server Catskills with the Character name Krykos.


Have not seen a player yet. I just made a ch Dark-Descendent and im fishing in Skara Brae was my old hangout town back in the day.


anyone have a discord or what not to chat in about game or what not ?

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Luna in Malas is the busiest city and these days players catch up with each other via the general chat channel.  Unfortunately, trial accounts are stuck in help chat so you might be missing out on the shard hunts that get planned or the pvp battles going on.  Are you still playing Catskills?  I play Pacific myself but one of the things you can do is get in a guild/alliance on a trial account and connect to people via guild/alliance chat.

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I wish I could Remember My Old account info and use that but it's Probably erased anyways. \Sigh  I forget everything but My best mmo and online experience was with this Game!


Dark-Descendent is my character on catskills


Kevira is a ch I made on Atlantic


I been just trying to find people lol

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I was surprised to find that after not playing for about 7 years, I was able to recover my old account.  If you remember your login name you may be able to do the same.  I will see if I can find the recovery steps email that I got and post the instructions here later on today.  It was a pretty simple process and I found that all my chars were still there, as were all the items that I had left in their bank boxes.  

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