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[SOTA Official News] Community Spotlight: Styx – Player Owned Town

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map_styx.jpgThis latest Player Owned Town spotlight explores the Crossroads Village of Styx. Styx is a small island located off of the shores of Elysium, and is a short boat ride from the bustling city of Xenos.

Styx has only a short history as small but vibrant farming community, delivering much needed supplies to the resource heavy southern isle. It offers respite to travel weary adventurers and exhausted miners.

With the late Duke Kharon’s passing, his merchant son Kastagir returned from sea to assess his newly acquired estate and title. It had been many years since he had called this land home, and the island felt almost unknown to him upon his return.

Kastagir Kharon, the town Governor, waved from the city wall as I disembarked the mainland ferry. The journey was short, but the sea was choppy due to the storm and I was glad to be on dry land.


“Hello! Welcome to Styx!” Kastagir exclaimed as he shook me by the hand. “Come, you must be soaked? I have arranged food and board at the Ferryman Inn. We can see the sights in the morning when the weather has cleared. It’s going to be a fine day tomorrow!”

It was almost pitch black when I first arrived during the storm. I could barely make out the path beneath my feet, and a handful of faint silhouetted buildings as I was led to the inn. Sure enough, morning came and the storm lifted. We met back at the main gate and began the tour.


During the warmth of the next day the town looked entirely different. The merchants returned from their lodgings to begin trading at the communal crafting area. “It’s located right by the docks!” Kastagir explained. “It’s important that we can load the goods we produce on to the merchant ships as soon as they arrive. Delays cost money after all, and we can’t have that.”

“It’s a beautiful town” I proclaimed, “You clearly take great pride in its appearance. Is there anything special you’d like to tell me about it?”


“I’m glad you asked!” he grinned. “Styx is a hostel town, designed for new and existing Avatars who don’t have a place to call home yet. Having a home to secure your hard earned loot and grow crops is important. Farming for a little extra coin can make Britannia a much less daunting place!”

“Interesting! I’m sure there is a catch? How often does it rain?” I gested as I asked.

“No catch!” he said. “Avatars new and old are welcome to pick a property and stay for as long as they require one. For free of course. I only ask that they use it, else it will be freed up for someone else more needing.”

“You mentioned farming as we first talked about the town. I love farming! What do you offer here for goods?”


“Styx has a very large communal farm that is open to all residents. It operates on a “fair use” policy. If it’s not being used, then you’re free to use it. There are plenty of crops grown all across the town, though my personal favorite are the radishes.”

“Come!” he said. “The view from the top is quite lovely!” True enough, a short trek to the top of the windmill was rewarded with some outstanding views of the town.


“Impressive! What can you tell me about the residents of Styx? Who is welcome here?”

“The last count I had was about a half a dozen boarders. The very nature of what I’m offering here means that the residents are generally transient. New Avatars stay for a short period until they find guilds, or have raised enough funds to afford a place of their own.”

“At the peak, we were offering homes to at least a dozen Avatars. Those times were busy!” he continued as he gazed off toward the farms. “Who’s welcome? Well anyone really. As long as they truly need a place to stay… well, except pirates of course. Those untrustworthy skallywags!”.

“Indeed! The hustle and bustle of cities can be hectic at times, but it tends to be safe from pirates you speak about. What does Styx offer instead?”

“I think Elysium, the isle that Styx resides upon, is entirely charming from one end to the other. It’s a beautiful area of the world and offers amazing mining and adventuring opportunities. Styx is in a great location, with Xenos, The Artifice, and Elysium Mines only a stone’s throw away. Just have to watch out for those pirates… skallywags they are!”



Your residents look to have a bright future in Styx, pirates notwithstanding. What’s your hope for the town as the area becomes a major hub of trade?

“Styx is in a good place right now. It’s one of a handful of villages offering free community housing to players. As New Britannia itself matures, I look forward to adding even more residencies, decorations, and delights to our town! If interested in becoming part of the Styx community, please find me in the town, or message me in the community forums.”


Do you have a Player Owned Town, guild, or other type of group that makes available great things for the community? Let us know! We would like to include your establishment in an upcoming spotlight. Just send Berek a brief proposal of what you have to share!

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