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[SOTA Official News] From Release 37.5: New Water Houses, Shogun Houses, Shogun Wearables, and New Emotes!

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Just before the holidays we released a major content patch that included new homes that can be placed on water lots, new wearables and houses from our upcoming Shogun Bundles, and new emotes players can learn in the  game. Have a look below at what was added!

  • Shogun Wearables: These outfits were originally developed for the city of Ardoris and will be featured in the upcoming Shogun bundles. You can purchase these in the Add On Store and when molds launch in Q1 you will even be able to craft limited numbers after purchase.
    • Ardoris Guard Armor: This samurai inspired armor consists of 5 pieces including chest, helmet, gauntlets, boots, and legs.sota_ardoris_guard_armor_front
    • Ardoris Shogun Armor: Shogun Siranto who co-rules Ardoris from the Palace of the Mountain wears a version of this armor that players can now also wear. It comes in 4 pieces including chest, helmet, gloves, boots and legs.SotA_Ardoris_Shogun_Armor_front__revised.jpg
    • Ardoris Priestess RobesPriestess Khasi who co-rules Ardoris from the Palace of Winds wears these elegant robes and elaborate headpiece that players can also now wear. It consists of two pieces including robes and a headpiece.sota_ardoris_priestess_outfit_front

  • Housing: In Release 37 we added POT Water Lot Deeds and we are now starting to add water versions of some of our existing homes. Over time we will continue to add more water versions of existing homes as well as create entirely original water based homes like Pirate Galleons, Water Mills, etc. The first few water homes went live this week and several more will go live in Release 38. We are also going to be introducing a new line of homes inspired by our work on Ardoris and the Perennial Coast. These will be part of the new Shogun Bundles that will go live in Q1. The first two homes and a new decoration went live this week and more will follow in Release 38. All of the following homes and decorations are available in the Add On Store except the Elven Globe home which is on the Elven Crown Merchant only.
    • Elven 3-Story with Dual Cabanas Town Water HomeThis water based variation of the Elven Town home is a series of wooden platforms over the water that consists of 3-stories, and 8-rooms. This unique design includes 2 stand-alone, 1-room cabana’s on the rear, and an open air raised platform comprising the whole first floor.sota_elven_town_3story_cabanas_front
    • Rustic 3-Story Village Water Home: This water based variation of the Rustic 3-Story Village home, is a spacious, 4-room home, including a side deck just perfect for fishing! sota_rustic_3story_village_water_home_front
    • Obsidian Tower Village Water Home: This water based variation of the Obsidian Tower Village home is four stories tall with ample living space, including rooms on the first three floors, a roof-top deck, and wrap around balcony on the upper floor! sota_obsidian_tower_village_water_home_front
    • Obsidian Tower Town Water Home: This water based variation of the Obsidian Tower Town home is five stories tall with ample living space, including rooms on the first four floors, a roof-top deck, and wrap around balcony on the upper floor! sota_obsidian_tower_town_water_home_front
    • Viking Village Water HomeThis water based variation of our very first Viking Village home is a two-story dwelling, with a single large room downstairs and a wrap-around loft on the second floor.sota_viking_village_water_home
    • Shogun Lighthouse Village Water HomeThe lighthouse that guides ships into the harbor of Ardoris has been converted into a village sized player home for water lots. This 3-story water home provides single rooms on the first two floors and a roof-top balcony encircling the beacon.
    • Shogun 1-Room Village HomeCarved wooden window frames, paper walls, blue-tiled roof are all the hallmarks of our Shogun line of homes. This cozy one room Village home is the first in the Shogun line.sota_shogun_1story_village_home
    • Shogun 3-Story KeepThis towering 3-story home features an open plan with wrap around balconies on the second and third floors. It features the signature features of the Shogun line of homes including carved wooden window frames, paper walls, and blue-tiled roof.sota_shogun_3story_keep_village_home_front
    • Shogun Street LampsThese lamps were originally built to light pathways in Ardoris but can now be used by players to light their homes and towns.sota_shogun_streetlamp2
    • Obsidian Floor LampFor the Obsidian bundles we took the Obsidian lamp used in the Obsidian dungeon kit and made a streetlamp scaled size version of it. This is a smaller version that can be used in homes as a floor lamp.sota_obsidian_floor_lamp
    • Elven 2-Story Globe Home (COTO Exclusive): This Gold Crown exclusive is a 2-Story variation of the Elven Globe Home. With the addition of the second floor you have almost double the amount of square footage that has the greenhouse growth bonus. You can purchase this home from the Elven Crown merchant in Vertas.sota_elven_globe_2story_1
  • Emotes: All of these emotes can be learned in the game from NPCs.
    • /shiver and /warmhands: To celebrate the coldness of the winter months we created these two emotes. You can learn them from Drog in Brightbone Pass.
    • /burp: For those who wish for a more reserved release of gas than /belch you can learn how to relieve yourself in a more refined way from Karl Rognoff in Braemar when you ask him about beer.
    • /golfclap: When your appreciation needs to be more circumspect than a hearty clapping of hands then you need /golfclap. Aaron Denbo in Etceter teaches this when you ask him about Artifice.
    • /batontwirl, /batonthrow and recipe for baton: Darcy of Paxlair in Ardoris will teach you how to throw and twirl a baton if you ask her about troubador. In order to use these emotes you will need a baton which can be crafted.
  • Replenishing 250-Piece Mystery Fireworks BoxCelebrate the the holidays with a bang with this Add On Store 250-piece Replenishing Mystery Fireworks box that regenerates periodically. Includes a random assortment of white, red, green, blue, and yellow rockets as well as red, yellow, white, blue, and red/white/blue ground missile packs.

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