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New/returning player. Is UO sticking around?

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Hey guys. Starting off the new year by getting (back) into Ultima Online; spent the last couple of hours or so figuring out what the current state of the game is and whether I should use the EC or CC. Been quite dissatisfied with the MMO market lately, so figured I'd return the the market of yesterdecade.


Immediately I was kicked in the feels upon seeing the announcement of the end of Asheron's Call and my childhood with it, and I began to question whether returning to MMOs that are over 10 years old is such a good idea. How long does UO intend on sticking around? Just curious.


As for me, I'm gonna be activating my UO account here in a couple of minutes and figuring out where to start this fresh new adventure. Wish me luck :)

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I get bored with games a lot as well.  Current mmo market is rather stale for me as well.  This is where UO shines.  I love just logging in and doing anything sometimes.  Whether crafting, house stuffs, treasure maps, taming random monsters, or just plain fighting, maybe in an area i haven't been to in some time.  I doubt UO has any real plans for shutting down, but I figure we will get a heads-up beforehand.

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It still earns money ergo it will keep functioning and running until it doesn't I guess. 


The young folk keep telling me that X game is dead and Y game is dead [Neverwinter and Star Wars The Old Republic] both of which have many many more active players than Ultima Online.

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