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[SOTA Official News] Community Spotlight: Numinous Gleann – Player Owned Town

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map_ardoris_thumb.jpgToday’s community spotlight explores the metropolis of Numinous Gleann. Adjoined to Ardoris, the city of Love in the South, you will discover that Numinous Glenn is but a nice weekend trip from many other nearby towns.

We are touring all kinds of towns and talking with guilds and other groups throughout this spotlight series, brought to you by Berek, your community wood elf druid.

Entering from the main bridge, I saw the prominent Statues of the Virtues guarding the town center. Just beyond the statues was a farm of greenhouses for as far as the eye could see. Already in awe of the great sights I was witnessing, I knew I was going to enjoy my time here.

As I walked across the main bridge, I was greeted by a Town Crier, who welcomed me to Numinous Gleann and quickly introduced me to govenor Frederick Glasgow.

Frederick escorted me to the the town’s common crafting area, located in the shadows of the Statues of the three Virtues. The members of the Numinous Gleann Merchant Society are just a few steps away under a row of awnings and ready to assist everyone that comes on by.


We then paid a visit to one of the taverns in town. While there, I asked Frederick… “With such a large dragon statue on the island across the bay, there must be a story here?”

“There is indeed!” he replied, paused to collect his thoughts, and then started into the story as his eyes seemed lost in the past.

“As a small boy, my father told me of this place he visited long ago with some friends. Although it was quite beautiful, it was inhabited by a large and dangerous dragon, Rethos. When I grew older, I decided it was time to strike out on my own, so I went there with trusted allies to kill the dragon and claim the land as mine.” I watched as Frederick’s eyes suddenly filled with pain.

“The quest was not easy. We headed west along the only path into the mountains at the time. My father once said the dragon’s nesting area was deep in the valley by a cluster of overgrown gigantic tree stumps. We spent days searching the foothills, finally discovering the tree stumps just over the next hill.

While we were refilling our water canteens in a nearby stream, without warning, the dragon suddenly appeared above us and starting attacking anything that moved. The dragon’s fire breath and the ash it kicked up blocked out the light from the sun. Many brave souls were lost that day.”


As Frederick’s eyes drifted off toward the back wall of the tavern, a barkeep, who introduced herself as Gloria, appeared and gave us both a mug of ale. As I took a sip, Frederick downed the entire mug in one gulp, as if he needed to drown the pain he was reliving.

“We quickly retreated back to Numinous Gleann. To our horror though, on the very next day we discovered Rethos resting in the island off the coast by the town. We crossed the bay on boats to distract the dragon in order to engage him. Archers and mages flanked as best as they could while the few swordsman we managed to gather took the lead charge.

What seemed like hours went by, but eventually we defeated Rethos. However, in doing so, my friend and trusted Captain of the Guard, Ion McTavis, died at the scene. I paid six artisans from Desolis to erect a statue on the island as a reminder of the price paid to secure the town. The bones of the fallen remain there as a memorial to the lost.”


After his tale, I then asked Frederick, “Who is welcome to seek refuge in Numinous Gleann from these rogue dragons?”

“Everyone is welcome! You do not need to be a member of any guild to live here. As the governor, I have worked to create a place where players of all types can call home. I believe in the principles of being friendly and respectful to each other.

Guilds are more than welcome to place Guild Chapter Homes here for their members who would like a base of operations in the south. In fact, I have placed housing on the island for the free use by guild members. Each house even includes a filled greenhouse on the top floor.”


Tell us about the current residents of Numinous Gleann:

“The residents of Numinous Gleann are all active players, spending a lot of time improving not only their homes but also helping each other. The town residents are from the guild I am in, Every Virtue is Lasting (EVL). As Govenor, I have tried to establish with the community that I am a fair and friendly person, and visitors see that in what we offer here.

The town residents, along with a vast number of people from distant lands, come to participate in our weekly Treasure Chest Hunt. The purpose of the hunt is two-fold. First, it allows the community to engage in a fun and exciting game that rewards them with various weekly prizes for finding the chest. The second reason is to allow folks to see the town as it develops, and possibly find a place to call home for themselves or a friend they may know.”

What are the unique areas of the town?

“We have the Numinous Gleann Theatre for use by anyone in the community, including several gustball fields that are regularly occupied. There is even a secluded waterfall area perfect for diving and swimming. Also, I placed a memorial for Lacey, a beloved guild and community member who is now decorating for the angels, near the waterfall.”


What is the town’s future?

“The future of Numinous Gleann is bright! Residents want the town to be a happy, fun, and helpful place for all adventurers of any skill level. There will never be any town taxes here and residents can be assured all newcomers will be welcomed and treated with the utmost respect.”


If interested in becoming part of the Numinous Gleann community, please message Frederick Glasgow in the official forums. You can also message him in-game of course!

Do you have a Player Owned Town, guild, or other type of group that makes available great things for the community? Let us know! We would like to include your establishment in an upcoming spotlight. Just send Berek a brief proposal of what you have to share!

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