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[SOTA Official News] The Making of Blood Bay (cont.) and Xenos Polish

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The Making of Blood Bay (cont.)

Blood Bay is going to be an Open PVP area with two NPC towns, player housing, adventuring areas, and entrances to underground adventure areas. It is going to be a testing ground for several systems that will, in turn, propagate to other parts of the game if successful. We hope to have a first iteration of this map live in Release 38. We showed the scene during the Telethon and talked more about how we hope to have certain systems working. This is the third update we have posted so far on this map.

[A Dev+ Forum Post by Travis “Vas Corp Por” Koleski]

A few more shots of Blood Bay progress:blood-bay-5




Xenos Polish

Right before we went persistent, we uncloned Xenos and made some modifications to it for specific plot points. However, we were not satisfied with the level of polish so we are revisiting this scene and doing a polish pass this release. We hope to have this pass complete by Release 38. Xenos is on the island of Elysium, southwest of Novia, and is a critical juncture on the Path of Truth. This is the third update we have posted so far on this map.

[A Dev+ Forum Post by Scott “Scottie” Jones]

Hello again!

As we continue our Xenos work-in-progress tour, allow me to introduce you to the Lagoon of Pleasures by taking a bit of a stroll around its perimeter! Blocked off from the rest of the bay and the docks for larger ships, the Lagoon of Pleasures has as its “gates”; two large arched stone bridges that allow only smaller rowed craft through, such as gondolas or punts. As a result, the placid waters of the lagoon are perfect for lovers, poets, and merry-makers as they engage in idle pursuits. I imagined scenic shores lined with weathered marble terraces and colonnades, stone benches, and steps leading down into the crystalline lapping waters. So my goal was to draw inspiration from some of the works of Alma Tadema.pleasure-lagoon-01

To begin our tour, we cross over one of those stone bridges, which hosts the road leading in from the south, and enjoy the “Island of Noble Heroes” of Xenos’ ancient past… Gathered around a large fountain surmounted by a statue of Boreas, multiple columns rise to frame a variety of statues made from numerous materials from different ages, each depicting a philosopher, scholar, warrior, or noble from Xenos’ illustrious ancient history. Flowering plants and tall sculpted junipers accent the rotunda, lit from above by the mighty braziers that are the signature lights of the city.pleasure-lagoon-02apleasure-lagoon-03

Strolling to the other side of the island we now begin passing a few of the houses of nearby lucky residents, who from the tallest of their windows might hope to see a grand view of the sweeping colonnades leading southward toward the Equestrian Shrine jutting out from the water’s edge. Even from within the houses, peering through a window’s thick glass, the view may be seen to have improved a tad bit since the last time the owners took a passing glance. Xenos is known for its extravagant public works!pleasure-lagoon-04pleasure-lagoon-05pleasure-lagoon-06

Before we lose the light of day, it’s time to wander toward the Equestrian Shrine, raised long ago in honor of the first horses brought to Xenos from far away shores. It is said that all of Xenos’ wonders rest squarely on the strong backs of the horses of ancient times, whose tireless labors brought the many stones that were later carved and stacked to create the city’s intricate majesty. Even today, the tamed horses of cart and carriage, and the wild horses that wander the Elysian Plains all trace their heritage to those ancient ancestors that crossed the seas so long ago on the ships of forgotten voyagers and traders from distant lands. Statues of gladiators stand tall on either side to guard the honor of these noble beasts.pleasure-lagoon-07pleasure-lagoon-08apleasure-lagoon-09

As the sun sets we now make our way to the eastern edge of the lagoon, which has now begun to be lit by the warm glow of various lights here and there along its shore, signaling the preparations of partygoers as they lay out feasts in the tents of visitors hoping for a chance at winning the lottery for entrance into fabled Artifice. Here, as dusk consumes the marble-lined shores, and the waters of the lagoon grow dark, only the idle rich can afford tents filled with extravagant dishes and fine wines,…and of course fine wooden furnishings fit for a prince! But further away, beyond the battered stone caravanserai, the murmur and laughter of the poorer visitors to the city float from the veritable town of tents that has sprung up between here and the southern exit…pleasure-lagoon-10pleasure-lagoon-11

Perhaps one day, after they are lucky enough to find their fortunes in Artifice, they too might revel with the rich foreign visitors in tents made of fine silk and spun silver. Perhaps, as the new sun rises, Boreas will smile upon them all!pleasure-lagoon-12

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the continuing work of Xenos!

Scottie ^_^

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