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[SOTA Official News] Tips of the Avatar – Submit Yours!

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Greetings Avatars!

For Release 37, we are working on a cleaner and faster scene loading experience. Additionally, we will have tips and informative messages during these load times. While we will be coming up with our own tips, we feel this is a perfect opportunity to also involve the community!


Submitting Tips

For those that want to take part, please use THIS FORM to enter in tips. Fill out the form separately for each tip you submit. Deadline for entries is the end of December 8th at Midnight! You can submit more than one tip, but note that we will be heavily scrutinizing quality of tips over pure quantity.

For the map name form field, please use either the official name or name shown at the top of the screen. Only enter scene names for tips that deal with specific scenes. If the tip can be used in any loading screen, do not enter in anything in this field.

Participate and Win!

In addition to ensuring your entry in the form linked above, those who tweet @ShroudofAvatar either the complete TIP quote, or a link to a reply in the forum announcement for this initiative, will be entered into a daily drawing for a chance to win $20 in store credit! Starting tomorrow around 2-5pm CT, we will announce winners daily on Twitter using @ShroudofAvatar and #LBSotA.

We will be asking some community members to help us keep the list clean and sorted. Those helping manage the list and selecting top tips will not be eligible to win in the daily drawing, though they are still of course free to submit tips anyway! Also, while you can submit player owned town tips, these will be heavily scrutinized and will not count towards the daily drawing either.

Players can continue to add tips and informative messages indefinitely, but the cut off line for the contest will be end of December 8th with winners being awarded sometime after this date.

Tips on Writing Tips

Tips are limited to 180 characters (including spaces) and can be about game systems, skills, scenes, etc. Shorter the better! Don’t include story or scene spoilers, only general information is allowed.

For example, it is fine to have a tip like:

“The Owl’s Head bank and several other shops are located near the large fountain in the northern, walled section of the city.”

However, something like this is NOT OK:

“The elf camp in the NE corner of the woods contains a chest with reagents.”

For this example, make the tip more generic, like the following:

“Crag Woods is home to a myriad of denizens, such as spiders, bears, and even mysterious roaming elves!”

We will have a few community members help us to cleanup the tips, and when finalized, the tips should start showing up in game as soon as R37!

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