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Welcome to UO!  Have some cake.


It's a broad question, and whether you'd take one of those over a custom set up depends on what you want to do.  Warrior gives a good example of the classic warrior set up, though they can always take other skills later on if they like, such as chivalry or bushido, which compliment their melee abilities.  Mage is a little harder to set up without help in the form of a lowered reagent cost suit.  Necromancer is similar to mage in that they need reagents, but can wear heavier armor and have more to choose from in that area.  Paladins are much like warrior, except that you start out with chivalry and focus instead of healing and anatomy.  Blacksmiths leave you with good set up for a beginning crafter.  Remember you're not locked into any specific skillset, you can always change later on if you want to make adjustments or try something entirely different.


Again it all depends on circumstances and what you want to do with your character.  Are you starting out on a production shard, or Siege/mujen?  The rulesets are different, and worth checking out.  There's always good information on UOguide too if you want to look up stuff yourself.


I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be around soon to give better answers.  Welcome again.

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I have always thought custom is the best way to go.  That way I can pick the hardest abilities to train, set them to 50, and set my STR to 60, and go from there.  Haven is by far the best place to start since it has the beginner quests for new characters and skill alacrity to 50.  I will tell you a neat tip though that might help in the future.  Pick custom, choose whatever, but make sure Inscription is set at 49.  Start in Haven and make your way to the inscription instructor.  It will be a quest to get Inscription to 50.  Use your starting materials to make Poison scrolls until 50, should be 5-9 of them, depending on the randomness of skillgains.  Turn in and receive a free Undead Slayer spellbook.  If you'd like a quick way to easily obtain a full Lower Reagent Suit with minimal effort even on a brand new server, I can add that here as well...It's not hard, but a kinda lengthy write-up, so if needed, I'll post it.

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