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Hello, I just registered for the 14 days trial, I don't play this game since long, long time, so I wanted to come back and see how it is now, I guess the player base will be reduced or there's still people playing this game?


There's a beginner guide or a list to do things that I shouldn't avoid at the start? I'm currently doing quests for the NPCs, but I don't know if I should adventure more far away or I'll instadie or something.




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Usually, we try to give as much info as we can to new/returning players.  It helps to know what shard and type of character (mage, warrior, tamer, etc.) you'd like to make.  Beginner guides for each of them can differ.  Doing the missions for NPCs is a good way to relearn the basics, so I would suggest sticking with that until you feel more confident in basic combat and just generally getting around.  There isn't really an instadie area for new characters, but there are places you can't go if you have the [young] status.  I can elaborate further, but will wait until I have a bit more insight on your playstyle and whatnot.

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