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Returning Player - Item Generation Question

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I recently reactivated two of my accounts, both over 15 years old and have a few questions about item generation that I was unable to find on my own...


I played under the item change that came with AoS, so I'm familiar with older mechanics of random magic items having a set number of magic properties and each property having a particular intensity...  Each monster had caps as to how many properties were likely to show up on an item it dropped and what fraction of maximum intensity those properties could have...  IIRC, luck skewed the results higher but within the caps for the monster you were looting.


T5 maps and SoSs had the chance for good loot (I believe T5 could go up to 100% intensity) and items could then be enhanced with the colored ore or leather of your choosing (with an absurdly high break chance for intensely magic items)


So I'm reading about changes I assume came about in pub 73?  with a shame loot change?  There is now a notion of a properties budget that items have when they're being generated, negative properties that are more likely to appear on higher end items that in turn supply the items budget with a little more points...  but everything has been phrased in qualitative language in those explanations.


Is there any place to look for quantitative information about the mechanics of item generation ?  For instance I don't know how this property budget translates into more properties on an item, I don't know if there is a maximum number of properties a legendary artifact can have (or any classification for that matter) I don't know if there is a system constraining the overall intensity (like I read about imbue weighting)  I don't know what monsters supply what item property budget (and bonus) and I don't know how found items compare to treasure maps, SoS's or runic made items...


There used to be resources (some time after AoS hit) that provided number of properties and intensity maximums associated with each monster that governed the generation of items they dropped, that was very useful in targeting monsters for specific items (and not doing more work than was necessary, instead going for volume to get said item properties faster) 


Judging from the sheer number of properties I've seen on some screenshots of legendary artifacts it wouldn't surprise me if the number of properties is somehow "soft capped" and determined by a series of rolls with diminishing returns. 


I've got a good enough memory of farming for hours and hours on end with my tamer, sorting through loot, to realize there is a good deal of distance between knowing the mechanics of loot generation and exploiting them, but I'm still extremely interested.  Any information would be useful and much appreciated.



Petra Fyde

Petra Fyde

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I'm not sure anyone has done a study to provide the depth of information you require. The page http://uo.com/wiki/u...oot-generation/ gives the best information that has been issued by the development team.


From personal experience, in order of desireability 'prized' is prefered to 'brittle' and both these are preferable to 'antique' which in turn is prefered to 'cursed'. Cursed isn't even considered for anything other than unravelling into imbuing ingredients except on Siege or Mugen, where items can't be insured anyway. Massive and Unweildy aren't shown as a name on the piece, just the high item weight or strength requirement. These are mostly unravelled for imbuing.


Getting properties that complement each other is no more common than it's ever been, a seven property item is still very likely to have 3 that don't fit with the other 4.


Legendary artifacts are few and far between coming only from high end monsters or high level treasure maps. There is an almost certain chance of one on a level 7 Felucca map if you're wearing luck. Major and greater are much easier to get hold of, and can be very useful.


Some of my characters have a few major and legendary artifacts in their suits, most came from level 6 and 7 maps, some came from guild hunts. Exodus and Shadowguard come to mind.


Runic crafting won't exceed the existing caps, but runic reforging will. A combination of reforging and imbuing can create some very powerful pieces, and in fact that is how I have completed my characters' suits.

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