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Hello all,


Just started to play again after 10 years {  was just a new and old lands if I remember right } on the classic client on the Lake Superior Shard and have a few questions. Are there different versions of the game now? What would you recommend? I like role playing, but also will like to PvP once I get strong enough? What about race to play? I made a warrior and a mage since that is what I know. Any help/advice on getting started would be appreciated. I also play solo as I have not met anyone yet. Playing on Trammel until { don't see many people? } strong enough to go to old lands.


Thanks everyone

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It really does depend on the shard. Atlantic and Pacific seem to be the heavier populated shards followed closely by Great Lakes, Catskills, Chesapeake then the rest vary in low population from there. I remember when Lake Superior was populated, but not so much these days.  I'd be sure to turn on General Chat and check Luna, especially, for live bodies.

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