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Need help deciding, Keep or Custom

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Title pretty much says it. I Can't decide. Most of my time in UO was before custom housing, I remeber the day I finally found a spot for a sandstone and that's where I stayed for almost a year before I bought my beloved large house with patio. Getting anything bigger was simply out of the question, no way was I ever going to get a tower or keep.


Well now I can get anything but a castle, p.s. if anyone knows a castle spot on catskills and is willing to show me, then this thread is over. :) But there's several spots for keeps and 18x18's soooo I just can't decide. The old school me would love a tower or keep but, the keep isn't designed to well layout wise. So the current me thinks I'll be happier with a custom. Any thoughts?

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Thank Kayhynn; I just realized that I could add stairs, doors and floors to a keep. I'm totally sold on a keep now. I've got a great spot picked out. I just need to wait a couple of days for my placement timer to run out. I've always preferred classic over custom for some reason. :)

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