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What expansions do I need?

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So far I downloaded the client from Broadsword. 


I also activated a monthly subcritption. So I'm no long playing on a trial account. 


So the game as it is now; I'm assuming I'll be able to continue playing. 


But, what other expansions are recommended. Should I eventually buy Stygian Abyss, Time of Legends and High Seas?

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You should totally upgrade to both Stygian Abyss and Time of Legends. Only upgrade to High Seas if you plan to do a lot with boats and have a fisher.  Other than that, I wouldn't bother with High seas.

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If you upgraded from a trial account, you are missing the following:


Stygian Abyss: Gargoyle Race, Throwing, Mysticism, and Imbuing as well as access to Ter Mur and the Stygian Abyss Dungeon


High Seas: Access to the new larger ships and pirate hunting as well as fishing stuff which I'm totally unfamiliar with


Time of Legends: Access to Eodon as well as to Skill Masteries.  Furthermore, each new publish seems to release new content in these lands which is where you'll find the bulk of the players these days as they enjoy the latest thing.


Smaller Entitlements:

Rustic Theme: Rustic house tile set, a few rustic item that can be made by crafters, and the ability to place New Magincia vendors


Gothic Theme: Gothic house tile set, a few gothic items that can be made by crafters, and the ability to place New Magincia vendors


One of the Old Anniversary Editions (I forget exactly which one, I think the 8th year): Crystal and Shadow House Tile Set (You'd probably have to find an unopened copy of this through Amazon)


I think I got just about everything.  Others can chime in and elaborate or if you have specific questions, I'll try and answer.

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