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[Knuckleheads News] A message from a Knucklehead

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The Oracle

The Oracle

    Lady Oracle

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Let me first make one thing clear: This message is NOT news about The Knuckleheads, Drachenfels or UO. It is merely a message about me, Stephen, so please don’t waste your time if that is of no interest to you. It really isn’t a very interesting message anyways. Image

Now that I got that out the way let me try explain why I am making this post.
Ultima Online has been a huge part of my life, I have been playing it for more than half my life. Started playing when I was 15 years old way back in ’97. At first I was using a shared account at the local Netcafe, but early ’98 I got my own! I didn’t really play it much at first, cause a 56K modem was both slow and expensive, at least here in Denmark at the time, and ping times to the US shards were atrocious. It wasn’t until Drachenfels launched that I really got hooked, and I knew I found a new home. Since then I have had many breaks from UO, usually not long though. Whenever I felt down or I was struggling, I could just get into the game and feel ”safe” (for lack of a better word). UO helped me through many dark parts of my life, which is one of the reasons I treasure the game as much as I do. Which brings me to the point of this whole post.

Puhhhhhhhhhh.. * catches breath * That was a long buildup….

For roughly 18 months now I have battling with alot of issues in my life, none I wish to go into details about. Some of you that know me, might have noticed this, especially last year. The reason I bring this is up, is because once again I relied on UO to get me through, and for a while it was working as it always had in the past. Until around christmas, when yet another incident occurred, and I guess it was what really broke me (the final straw, I guess you could say). All of my passions; UO, movies, books, my computer; I lost interest in all of it. For, what seems to be, a long time all I managed to do was eat, sleep and go to work. I barely even recollect what I have done in the meantime.

I bet you’re thinking; ”I thought he mentioned something about there being a point to this.”, and yeah, I was never any good at explaining myself, and often go off on a tangent! Image

One day, I suddenly disappeared. Something I am truly sorry about. I have to apologize to some people for vanishing without much, if any, communication. I sincerely hope I can remedy that! As for the future, I will not make any promises! I want to get back to UO, and I feel the desire again. I will be around every now and then, but right now I can’t say how much (or little) I will be playing. I love UO! I love Drachenfels! I love our community and I love our events. I wish to be partaking in all of it again, but, as I mentioned, I will not make any promises yet!

If you’re still reading then thank you for your time! If you know me, then I hope you can understand. I made this post for you, and I appreciate you took the time to read it all. If you don’t know me, then I am really impressed you got through it all, and maybe, if I haven’t scared you off already, we can get to know one another some day!

I think that’s all I had to say write for now! I hope to see you all in game! Take care..

PS. Sorry if some of this doesn’t make any sense. I really am no good at getting my thoughts put into comprehensible words. Also 10 AM is early for a night owl like me, and I haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet to be attempting forming more than simple sentences. But ohhhhhh well..

Safe travels
- Steph

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