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Britain Crossroads - A Podcast for UO

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Since no one else is currently doing a podcast, I wanted to try and get one going. The first episode reviews the big Felucca EM PVP event last month on Atlantic. We also talk a bit about the new potions that came out with Publish 93.




Also, I have revamped my personal website as a sort of UO news hub, specifically for the Atlantic shard. But there will be more general stuff on there for UO too.




Finally, I am going to be uploading tons of videos to my Youtube channel. I have a 3-4 month backlog of videos to edit. I already have an entire week in the queue. There are EM events, lots of PVP stuff, IDOCs, and other stuff. Here is one meant to be funny:



Here is one for the big Felucca EM PVP Event last month:



I am also tweeting up everytime I upload a video or new post to my site, if you want to be notified that way: twitter.com/jcthebuilder



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