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Returning after some years

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Hello everyone , like the title says i'm returning to the game after some years , looking for a little insight to my template 


My current template is a necromag


Eval int - 118.8

Magery - 120

Necro - 120

SS - 120

Resisting spells - 100

Med - 120


Anyway what i'm basically looking for is what spells i should be using for PvE , i can figure out the pvp part myself later when i get more familiar again with playing my character , What do you guys use spell-wise to PvE? what combos etc , I know it all it call comes down to the situation you are in but i need some help with the basics what i should be using most often etc


Also I wouldn't mind a guild of some active players to be around that do PvE/PvP activity's


Also, Should i use uoassist (im more familiar with this as i used it ) or the new uosteam im hearing about?



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Welcome back to the game. I need to look at my necro mage to tell you more on what to use (i haven't actively played her in a while) but I do favor using elementals and spells on harder creatures in game (or EVs if they don't get dispelled or shredded by something). 


What shard are you on?


There is no steam client yet. if you're not talking about Steam, then uosteam is not an approved client to use with Ultima Online, only UOAssist is for classic client.




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Ah ok that makes sense , i was wondering why it said it was only on use for freeshards , glad I still have my uoassist key , I play on Great Lakes , i also have a mage on Siege perilous and atlantic 

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If you get the new expansion, one thing I'd highly recommend doing is getting the necromancy mastery and charming undead to fight for you.  The Skeletal Dragons are probably the most powerful, but they still have a glitch where they can damage players and player pets with the poison strike splash.  Hopefully this gets fixed the next publish.  I think any undead that casts necro spells will have this giltch so just stay a distance away from them when they are fighting.


Rotting Corpses and Revenant Lions are safe and they are fairly powerful followers to hunt with.