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Biggest PVP Night in Year Coming May 19 8PM EST

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What could be the largest mass PVP Ultima Online fight in years could be shaping up to happen this Thursday, May 19 starting at 8PM on the Atlantic Shard. There is a scheduled event moderator event to take place in Felucca (which has not happened in a while). There are no details yet what the event will entail but it is encouraged for you to fight and steal


The waters are ripe for a potentially absurd turnout of players. A lot of players have been more active the last couple months playing UO again. I know our guild went from seeing 1-2 on per night to now 8-15 each night.

There are 3 guilds/groups of players which can field between 10-20 players each easily. There are countless other small teams and solo players going. Plus all the Trammel only players, cross-sharding event poachers, people coming home from visiting other shards, and PVPers coming over for just this event! It is impossible to estimate how large a turnout there could be.

At the moment, I am planning to livestream the event on my Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/jcthebuilder). But I also want to participate to the fullest so it could be difficult. I might have a plan for this so if you can't attend be sure to tune in on May 19 at 8PM EST to watch the slaughter-fest.

If you want to participate you will need an active Ultima Online account (there are 4 days to get reactivated and ready if you have an inactive one). You can always seek advice on the Stratics UHall or the UO Atlantic forums. There is a UOGuide article (uoguide.com/Return_to_Britannia) to get started, If you know anyone with an active account but not currently playing you should let them know about this event if they PVP.

Hope to see you there!

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