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questions about time of legends

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I started playing uo back in 2000 when i got a free uo renaissance cd.  I enjoyed it alot but i was 15 and couldnt afford to play.  I did however play on free servers forever on and off and even back on osi servers from time to time.  I am interested in coming back and bringing a coworker of mine on board and showing him what he missed out on.  I was wondering if I buy the time of legends expansion if it includes all the earlier ones i may be missing or are all of them free with subscription?  I also was wondering if the expansion comes with any free game time or not.  I am assuming if I buy it and he doesnt we can still play together just not in the new lands correct?  And is the high seas booster required for the naval battles and quests?


I also was wondering which servers would be best to play on.  My main character was on Lake Superior but I think i was only like 4x gm or something is it worth it to buy a shard transfer or just an advanced character or just stick to lake superior.  Last time I checked in people werent as abundant as they were in the early 2000's.  


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I'm not sure how the Time Of Legends code works.  It might just be an upgrade code.  The majority of us vets got Time of Legends applied to our accounts automatically if they were active August through October.


Right now there are four levels of upgrades.


Time of Legends - Access to the new lands of Eodon and to the new masteries systems


Stygian Abyss - Access to the gargoyle race, the gargoyle lands of Ter Mur, and to the Stygian Abyss dungeon.  Also lets you use the skills of imbuing and mysticism.  This is probably the largest expansion, so if you intend to buy an account code, I suggest buying the Stygian Abyss account code.


High Seas - Lets you board and use the new large ships and hunt pirates.


Base Account - You can create a trial account and subscribe.  The trial accounts are limited for that 2 week trial period which was done to prevent scripters from exploiting them.  Nevertheless, you'll still have access to a wealth of content.  You'll just be missing out on the above.


As for servers, Atlantic is the most populated.  I play Pacific myself and I love my shard.  If you choose Pac, let me know and I'll do what I can to help you guys get settled in.




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If you are just returning, Time of Legends is quite pointless.   You'll just get pummeled.    It's actually a really great expansion, IMHO.    ... once you can do stuff there.


Just buy Stygian Abyss so you can equip stuff that is newer.   You might run into some Time of Legends gear you can't wear, but, Stygian Abyss is where you'll be able to produce a viable suit of armor, and actually experience things that won't get you killed.


You also can't use the new Mastery system from Time of Legends until you hit 90 skill, so, it's no loss unless you really want to run around and look at dinosaurs.


It is kind of unfortunate that buying ToL won't retroactively activate the previous stuff.


But, it's only 20$.    So, you just pay 20$ for the code when you're ready.    Otherwise, making an account and paying 29.99$ for Stygian Abyss is all you really need to do.



Get Time of Legends and High Seas once you are able to not get slaughtered by dragons.