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Can a Minecraft server become the new UO ?

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Well...at first i tought that, no, it couldnt.


After ive seen this, ive changed my mind.




I had the privillege to login at they server, and i got really impressed. Its being such a nice work, and there are plenty of UO-only features in it, that i wish i could be playng right now. For 2 months of development (at least is what ive been told), its pretty much advanced....


 Well, ill keep watching theyr blog, and try to get my sword on beta-testing ! Ive helped em to test Magery system, its simillar to UO (not exactly the same, wont use reagents only mana, but the same spellbook mechanic) and i was fascinated ! 


  You guys should take a peek on theyr progress.

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