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Peacer/Mage/Mystic Template.

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This is a template I have been playing with in different forms for a while now.


This is a purely PVM template and probably would get eaten alive in PVP world...


Here is the basics of what I have and what I want to get to.


Eval Int  : 100(120)

Magery: 110(120)

Meditation: 100

Mysticism: 100

Resist Spells: 100(to be replaced with 100 Focus shortly)

Musicianship:110(capped at 115)

Peacemaking: 100


Total currently is at the 720 Cap.. I will drop Resist for Focus, but that still leaves me at the cap. I just trained up Mysticism to try out the Rising Collosus. I need something big and tough that won't get beat up like my EV's.... I am hoping this works out.


Up till now this template has been a lot of fun, but limited to doing everything except the most high level monsters.. The highest I've done is at the Miasma level, which takes a while with TWO EV's constantly up... But something that actively dispels makes this template difficult.. 


I love having the music/peace combo for crowd control.. I rarely get killed on this template because I always have the area peace to stop the action for a second or two to scramble and heal or invis.. Active peace works great to slow down larger prey, but is useless against the big guys..


My hope is that by adding Mysticism/Focus and giving me access to Rising Collosus and Rock Form, I'll be able to hang in with the biggest monsters in the game..  I think mages/magic users have always been short changed in that department.. We are great to help clean up and heal people, but when it comes to the biggest monsters we need to call our sampire friends or the guy with the Greater Dragons...


has anyone come up with a purely magic using character to go after the big bosses solo?  I have 110 Necro on another character along with Spirit speak?







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Rising Colossus has become my favorite in PVM. 120 focus/myst, even ancient wyrms have some difficulty dispelling. Remember the new mastery system, Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, Spellweaving make it more difficult for your pets to be dispelled as well. I haven't really tried anything major since the xpac, but my Mystic/Mage/Weaver completely dominates the new spawn. I get primers and artifacts most of the time, so it has to be performing somewhat decently :) Being able to heal/res is great here. Stone Form during the Phoenix wave is amazing and even more so on the aoe poison dinosaurs, which is a real PITA without it. Rising Colossus is usually enough to get me rights on the Turtle. I personally use the Spellweaving mastery so I can summon a Reaper when the Turtle gets low and it just spams Word of Death for insane damage. I've done it with Necro mages for the added damage, but Stone Form for anti poison was too good in other runs, so I have just stuck with Mystic/Mage/Weavers since and have been really happy with them. But like I said, I haven't really done pure boss fights with him. However, this xpac, I'm having more fun than I've had in a long time with my mages. So to actually answer your question...on big bosses solo? Probably not all of them, but the harder dispels from masteries will definitely help.

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