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Just started again and need warrior help

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Hi, jus tback after an exceptionally long break and need help with (everything really) my template and what armour to wear.


Currently I have

Anatomy 110

Swords   115

parry  100

Heal  100

Resist  80

Tactics  110

Magery  40

Focus  65


I'm wearing basic player made GM armour Valorite I think (the blue one)


What should I do for a basic hack'n'slash and what armour should I aim for?


Cheers in advance.





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Ok, first off, I apologize if any of my assumptions are incorrect, but I will assume you have all expansions and stuff.


This is what I would do, assuming your warrior is the only character on the account:


1.  Create a character with Imbuing 50, Blacksmith 50.  Rest in whatever you want.  I usually do caster skills to get a bag of free regs.  Reason being, you will be collecting a TON of low-medium magical items.  An Imbuer can unravel those items into Imbuing materials.  An Imbuer can eventually "design" whatever magic items you want, such as slayer weapons and Lower Reagent Cost (LRC) items.  In my opinion, one of the most useful characters to have.


2.  Take your warrior to Luna and learn Chivalry and buy a Chivalry book from the NPCs.  Dropping Focus and Magery for Chivalry is WELL worth it.  Go upstairs Luna Bank and go put some gold to tithe at the Ankh.


3.  From here, you can pretty much do whatever you want, but I would at least make note or ask in chat where a rune library is.  With your setup, I would suggest the first level of Shame or the Troglodytes in the Painted Caves.  Both of those areas are fantastic farming areas for melee warriors.  Trogs have a MASSIVE spawn rate, so you might want to lead them closer to the entrance so you can loot or if you get overwhelmed.  Shame is pretty spread out, so you can usually pick and choose your battles there most of the time.  Trogs also drop bandages so you can keep up healing while there as well and not worry about running out.


4.  Loot everything!  you will get tons of gold and magic items.  Give the items to your Imbuer to unravel and bank the gold.  If you don't have a house with a Soulforge, you will need to take the items to the Soulforge in the Royal City in Ter Mur (use the public moongate system to Ter Mur then run straight up and you will see it)


5.  Once you get gold or find items you wish to keep rather than unravel, you can start piecing your suit together.  Your resists should be primary goal at 70 of each, then your swing speed for whichever weapon you are using down to 1.25 per swing (this is easier due to swing speed being more common attributes on rings and bracelets, which you might even loot from Shame or Trogs).  From there, the UO world is your oyster...HP Increase is Important, Mana Leech on weapons (to spam special attacks), a collection of Slayers to handle any situation, Lower Mana Cost (LMC), Hit Chance Increase (HCI), Defense Chance Increase (DCI), Hit Life Leech (if you choose not to take Necromancy eventually, as Vampire Form gives you Life Leech)


Note:  Use Vendor Search early and often to see what your shard has available so you can see what you can aim to buy.  Slayer Weapons will probably be common and some might be readily affordable.  Finding one that suits where you wish to hunt could determine what you want to do to begin with.  Elemental Slayers are good in Shame, where Repond Slayers will be best for Trogs in the Painted Caves.  If you find a Demon slayer, you might test yourself at the Ice Fiends in Ice Dungeon or take a Reptile slayer to Destard and try to weather the storm there.


There is a special build that's been around for some years now called a Sampire.  You might look that up to see if that is the direction you want your template to go.  Remember it's all up to you and how you want to go about doing it.  I'm merely offering a suggestion.


However, to make your UO life simpler, Chivalry to 70 should be your first goal.  That lets you Sacred Journey (Recall), Use Consecrate Weapon, Close Wounds, and Cast Enemy of One semi-reliably. 


Remember to set a Macro to HONOR everything!  Honor is important and takes a fair bit to grind up.  You must Honor before the enemy takes damage, so be aware of that.


Oh...and welcome back.



    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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I'll leave the template advice to the template experts but I just wanted to say welcome back!  What shard do you play?




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Thanks for the great advice, my house is near Luna so will go get chivalry, in terms of imbuing I have a couple of gm crafters so will add it to one of those.


I'm on Europa, using my old account so got some cash and some stuff to play with, enjoying fishing still:)

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