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Need Some Help Please

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I tried to do a quest as an escort but the destination was way too far away. Not to mention the NPC I was escorting couldn't keep up.


Am I missing something? Traveling THAT far for one quest? Is it worth it?


If not, where are some quests that are worth my time? Or should I grind to level up?

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I seem to remember doing a couple of those escort quests when I first started, but all that I can recall of them were that I got to travel to different places and see things that I may not have encountered otherwise.

I am unable to tell you what the reward was, perhaps some gold?


As to whether you should "...grind to level up", if it is as dull as it sounds, I wouldn't bother.


Good luck.

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The most efficient of these quests is done in New Haven, where you escort them to locations within the town.  Like Kayhynn said, you can do these quests using the moongates which really shortens the journey.  Another option is to find a public crystal portal at some players house and make use of that.  On Pacific, we have one in Skara Brae on our island druid shrine.  We have several others near some of the other towns as well.

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I guess compared to other games, UO is basically one big "grind."  I think that's what keeps bringing me back.  There is no set questline to go through or set group of things that you "have" to do to progress.  Here, if you want to gain a skill...just go do it.  Want to raise swords?  Equip one and go bust things.  Magery?  Cast spells.  Crafting? Collect materials and just make stuff.  I know you get Compassion from doing the escorts, but other than the 500g, I'm not sure what else you get as far as "leveling" goes.  So as far as questions go:  What do you want to be?  Is there another reason you wish to do escort quests or quests in general?  Just curious.

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