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Long thread... Update & HOTT TOPIC

- - - - - hott long thread topic update

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taken from ThreadInsurance bug... found in UO.UHall

I must join the ranks of the people whom believe...

I had every piece of my armor insured, and over 15k in the bank. I was attacked by a player (we'll keep the name to ourselfs, witht he exception of the fact the word "hacker" is present)

My hat, gloves, ring and leggings,a nd my totem all fell when I died. One person was able to retrieve my hat before it was looted by the other players... the word "insured" still on it.

all in all I lost over 15 mill...


And since you may play on LS, you can join the ranks of the newly robbed. It's a recent event, and seems to center around one guild that formed in the last few weeks. So far I've seen an entire insured suit drop, and on another player a blessed cincture. I wasn't present to see yet another pendant of the Magi drop, though I was in channel to hear about it.

When it starts to happen on a regular basis, then it isn't just a stroke of bad luck any more.

It's almost impossible to combat, since having a GM answer a page within a half hour is pretty amazing, and by then the cheater is long gone and your items have been sold off.

Just getting away with all the stuff Punkbuster WOULD have stopped isn't enough any more, it seems. Instant heals, casting on the run.. nope. Now it's item drop fest. Oh, happy day.


and I thought their ability to reveal me (from hiding) with magic arrow or lightning was bad... I personally hope EA actuly will start investigating people like this... but most people won't even report to a gm now-a-days, it doesn't seem to help much...

I, however, did report it. The responce "this warrents further investigation" and asking me to e-mail the bug staff seems bleek. Unless they go to the source, and check whatever "history" or logs for that person (and me), right there and then, i don't think much will be accomplished.


I hope your page brings results, but I doubt it. I saw one of the people in question again tonight running happily around the gate. (Least one of the folks *I* know was present when insured items dropped, and the name parts match up.)

It's one of those things that it's hard to drum up support for, cause the guys who do it hit randomly. If every tamer that showed up at Trammel Destard suddenly lost a bonded pet there'd be TONS of screaming about cheaters and the like.

Especially when someone was at the Brit bank not fifteen minutes later selling a still bonded pet to the highest bidder.

If I could figure out a way to make it important to folks that don't pvp, but value their items, I hella sure would try. It shouldn't be one of those issues that only folks who know the victim rally around.

I'll try.

Bards, you know those one-of-a-kind slayer flutes that you got from Tokuno that recharge? You all know you treat them like adopted children.. imagine if when you died, they ended up on your corpse even if they were insured and you had to watch someone loot them from you?

Any pvmer who wears an insured artifact and paid DAMNED good money for it.. say an Armor of Fortune... imagine yourself staring at yer face-down corpse that still has a nice gold hued studded tunic on.. and then the nearest lich grabs it, chortles and recalls out.

It's an incredibly sinking feeling.

A hard to replace weapon, crafted artifacts.. this stuff has insurance on it for a reason. That's the way the game mechanics are set up. (Seige folks, this doesn't apply, and no, you can't chime in about anything.) The person running this lil debacle isn't risking HIS possessions, so it's not as if he risks anything, as long as he isn't caught.

If I can help replace any of yer stuff, Utilitron, holler. I know how much it costs to put a decent suit together, and hell, I STILL haven't managed it.


Posted Image


No, it's a hack/exploit. There are two guilds on Legends now who are doing it too. From what I could gather it's triggered via that Program that Cannot be Named, but not being very well versed in cheats I'm not sure.

What makes me ill is that people are actually bragging that they are doing this.


The insurance bug isnt real, if it was a hack, the problem would be ALOT worse by now.

From a pk, i've died tonnes i've killed tonnes... not once ever ever have i seen a person on an old character die and lose there stuff. The insurance bug happens when:

(In your case as they were still insured) You had close to 120 items (not 125 or you would've lost everything) in your backpack when you die your items briefly drop into your backpack so if you had more than 125 items when your armour dropped to the backpack.

The others are new characters who forgot to hit renew, old characters who accidently hit cancel renew insurance or somone running out of insurance. In most cases it's the players fault.

This happened to 1 person on oceania the other night, they lost a crimson, also to a member of a notorious guild known for doing these types of things in the past, of course it was denied, strange how its never something worthless always artis etc, the very things that ppl would be more careful to insure...

I am in the "Notorious guild known for doing these types of things in the past" and no we don't know any bug like this, Enya the person who lost the cincture had close to 125 items. Beleive me if we knew an insurance "bug" or "hack" which we could inflict on you we would've gotten your entire suit.


Look people, there is a bug with insurance. This isn't disputed.

However, those of you who are mistaking that with a hack.. you are (bluntly) stupid. If people could target the insurance bug on a person, would there not be pandemonium right now? Honestly?

This is a BUG!!!!!!
NOT A HACK!!!!!!!
If it was a hack insured and blessed items would be dropping on corpses at a hugely accelerated rate!!!!
This BUG seems to have been happening more often in the last month for sure, and I've heard TWO ppl in game claim to know how to trigger it several months ago, but I took their claims with a big grain of salt, because there is no way the knowledge could be kept secret for as many years as the bug has been around (I lost my first item to it a few months after insurance was introduced).
The DEV'S have heard multiple accounts about "how it's done" from various ppl, but they can't recreate it, and if THEY can't recreate it after working on it for some years now, I would believe them over some player claiming to know how to consistently trigger it, especially when neither of them would do it when I wanted proof of their claims.
It's RANDOM, it hits ALL SHARDS, ALL FACETS and it sure as hell can't be tied to one specific guild anywhere, a proggie or the item count of your backpack because you can bet that if even ONE player knew how to do it, eventually their mouth would open up and they'd tell someone, who would tell someone else, etc., etc., etc. and a whole lot of ppl would know how it's done.
If there IS I'd love to see screenshots of this in action.
Ppl have to take into account that this seems to happen more often in Fel probably because a higher percentage of ppl die THERE on any given day than they do in Tram, T2A, Malas, Tokuno or Ilsh.
They also have to take into account how many ppl don't report this! Not everyone reads these forums, especially asian players, so we don't hear how often it happens on shards where these "notorious guilds" don't play.
If this was the "Program that can't be named", don't you think EA would have caught on by now, since they keep an eye on the websites that can't be named where you can get programs that can't be named?
And Al Thorin, glad to know you guys are "tracking" the guild you suspect of doing this on purpose. Now do me a favour...change your name to Perry mason, keep an eye on the other "notorious guilds" too, and report back to us and the devs within the next few weeks with a full accounting of who's doing it, how they're doing it and when they can be expected to do it again. Sheesh.
Any one know where I can get an eyeroll graemlin or emoticon?


I never saw a reply from Jeremy or a dev on this. I figured it may have been lost in the dogpile of posts from when they were gone, so I figured it deserved a bump.

I haven't PvP'd since 2000, maybe even 1999. I just lost interest. Until recently. Now, being on LS, I'm afraid to go to Fel.

I had a friend close 3 accounts... yes 3, he's an addict... This happened to him a few days ago, so he closed his 3 accounts and went to WoW, where according to him, this kinda thing doesn't happen.

That being said, I have a feeling a lot of exploits will be fixed in UOKR.



Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator

If somebody could PM me any sort of steps to reproduce, or any theories you have about how this is happening, I could get some people looking at it. As it is, I believe you that something's wrong, but I can't tell exactly what is happening or how.


There's plenty of proof. EA could confirm most of it quite easily.
But untill they do so, we're stuck having to hide them in protective custody while they continue to do their 'thing'.

What kind of proof?
Last I knew EA could only detect one third party program with any degree of certainty, and since this is an exploitation of a BUG and not a proggie (don't try to make me believe otherwise, it ain't gonna happen) that the devs can't even recreate, how can there be any kind of proof of anything? All this kind of post does is create paranoia to an extent that is beyond reasonable and cause ppl to fling around accusations that are groundless. Thus the policy of stratics against naming guilds or ppl you are accusing of wrongdoing.
I think utilitron was dead wrong for making accusations in his/her post and you are being worse, especially since your guild is no more trustworthy than any other guild out there. In fact, some of your guilds dirty little secrets make it worse.
Now if you are going to continue making accusations here and fanning the flames of this thread, give some proof or shut up.

Ooooooooooooooh HOTT topic




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Unless the bug department isn't talking to Jeremy. Someone is not telling the truth. Sadly to say I'm afraid it is the player :( .


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I dont know who to believe :icon_confused:
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