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If any of the old team are still around (I know Lann'Al, Sirendele and Anival pop on) and want to start up the odd little scenario from time to time, let me know on here. Would love to hear from you.


Anybody else out there who fancies trying something different by being drow, let me know too.

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I, Zessra Tssarin a noblewoman who was Lloth Priestess in the quellar long ago (3-4 years ago) was ordered by (jules who took over as ruler in Catskills) to become ruler of the underdark. My husband at the time Xen had been driven insane and my mental abilities was a threat to her.


I am able to return and remake zessra if you wish and come to Europa. Just let me know.

It will be practice to relearn drow but I would love to do it


bows sincerely






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