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Help with Mage Suit

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So I've just returned after many many years, updated to the latest version, got my template straightened out, and even made an Imbuer on my crafter. Finally starting to get to a point where I can pvp again soon, but I just can't seem to complete my Mage suit where it should be, so hoping I might get some advice on what to change and how. Some are artifact pieces I found and others are pieces I've made and imbued. My character is pure Mage with Inscribe and Anatomy, all at 120 except Inscription. No wrestling since Anatomy helps replace it. Carrying only spellbook..can't carry spellbook and a spell channeling both right?


Here's what I have so far



Divine Countenance

Int +8

Reflect Physical 15%

Mana Regen 2

Lower Mana Cost 8%

Physical 6%

Fire 9%

Poison 4%

Energy 25%



Armor of Fortune

Luck 200

Defense Chance Increase 15%

Lower Regent Cost 40%

Physical 2%

Fire 4%

Cold 3%

Poison 3%

Energy 4%

Mage Armor



Royal Legs of Embers

Self Repair 10

Physical 15%

Fire 25%

Poison 15%

Energy 15%

Lower Regent Req 100%

Mage Armor



Invigorating Hiro Sode of Defense

Kinetic Eater 15%

Stamina Regen 3

Mana Regen 3

Physical 19%

Fire 7%

Cold 25%

Poison 20%

Energy 4%



Fortified Gloves of Wizardry

Casting Focus 2%

Lower Regent Cost 20%

Physical 6%

Fire 24%

Cold 26%

Poison 22%

Energy 7%



Pendant of Magi

Int bonus +10

Mana Regen 3

Spell Damage Inc 5%

Lower Mana Cost 10%

Lower Regent Cost 30%




Str Bonus +8

Mana Increase 2

Spell Damage Increase 15%

Faster Casting 1

Lower Regent Cost 18%



Ornament of Magician

Fast Cast Recovery 3

Faster Casting 2

Lower Mana Cost 10%

Lower Regent Cost 20%

Energy Resist 15%


Spell Book:

Scrappers Compendium

Spell Damage Increase  25%

Faster Casting 1

Lower Mana Cost 10%



Vet Reward

Physical resist 3%



Vet Reward

Physical Resist 3%



Totals are:

Physical 54

Fire 69

Cold 54

Poison 64

Energy 70

Lower Regent Cost 128

Spell Damage Increase 45%

Faster Casting 4

Fast Casting Recovery 4

Lower Mana Cost 38

Luck 200

Defense Chance Increase 15%

Mana Regen 8

Self Repair 8

Lower Requirements 100%



If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it. I've tried so many combinations with buying items and making reforging and Imbuing items that I've hit a wall. Thanks!