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Hail! Back after 13 years away

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Hail all!! Back on UO and kinda excited to see the world running as it was.  Playing a necro mage swords for monster hunting and small dungeon parties. Wont do a mule or craftsman until the fourteen day trial is over. How has the atmosphere been against griefing and pk. Whats the fastest way to get gold besides buying it (cause that's weak). Seems like a lot more cash flying around than on the original servers. I notice real estate is pretty crowded, so a house is probably out, but house boats look cool. Anyway, my appearances will be spotty because family and kids, but my Main Char Name is Caspian, hit me up if you want to go monster hunting or if you just want to help a kinda noob out. Farewell friends see you on the road around Trinsic or Moonglow.



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What I did:  I got on  my mage (you said you had a necro/mage so that's perfect), got a ton of runebooks and runes.  Then looked at Luna and Zento for an elaborate rune library (I'm sure Atlantic has one around there as well) and marked a rune there.  Then looked for any kind of 'hunting spots' books...then just started recalling and marking new runes to those locations.  I made sure to get all the dungeon entrances as well, just so I would have multiple spots to begin adventuring.  Then, just went back to each of those spots and started killing what was in the area.  When I found a spot that was especially lucrative for my character, I just made additional notes to use that as a regular spot.  I know you said you didn't want to make a crafter, but I will be the first to say that having an Imbuer makes UO life infinitely times easier.  Being able to make whatever suit you need is almost a necessity.  When I first came back...and then came back again :)  all the dungeons were different than I remember with new monsters or new mini-games and whatnot, so I had to take the time to just hit recall runes to all the places and just run around a bit.  Ice dungeon is still a favorite of mine with Arctic Ogrelords, Ice Fiends, and Ice Wyrms.  Can still make a fair bit of cash and some chunks of magic items there.  Save all the magic items you find, even if they might be junk, because you can unravel them with an Imbuer for imbuing materials to use later on.  I don't know about the player base on Atlantic per se, but thought I'd share how I jumped back into the UO world.