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Should I drop archery?

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Hello, first my character template of my current skills:

90.4 in peacemaking

120 muscianship

120 provocation

95.1 mysticism (100 with bracelet that adds +15, probably will buy PS to get it raised)

90.4 tactics

77.6 archery (Have hunter's headress for +20 archery, so 102.6 archery total)

90.5 focus

35.5 healing



I used to have lower provo and music, and 90 healing, but traded the healing to max out both of those.


I still use bandages when I can't get a heal off with Mystic because of poison, but might grab some anti-poison potions, hell I might even go alchemy.

My bow has spellweaving on it, and it's a really great bow for the price I got it for, but it doesn't have a hit chance. That doesn't bother me too much either, because I have the enchant spell.


A scenario recently made me want to change out of archery, but not sure what to go for. If I drop archery, I can also drop Tactics. Archery doesn't really seem too viable anymore, anyways. Along with that, I'm not sure if I want to keep healing or not. Without anatomy, it seems like healing is pretty useless.


I know I want to keep provo, music, and mysticism, but not sure what else to go for. Anyone have any suggestions for a really great build out of this? I enjoy archery but it's just not giving me the results I want.


The scenario I was in was I was at isle of fire killing demons and dragons, when a great dragon showed up. He dispelled my colossus immediately every time, and I couldn't provoke him (provo was too low at the time, only 90ish). I could still hit him with archery, but had to keep pulling back because I had to get rid of poison so I could cast properly. Anyone have any suggestions/help/tips?

Petra Fyde

Petra Fyde

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at the moment you are something of a 'jack of all trades but master of none'. My opinion would be either drop archery, healing and tactics for disco and take your resulting 6 skills to max, music,disco, provo, peace, myst & focus - adding the bard masteries. Or take the archery as a main skill and add anatomy, chiv, maybe bushido in place of the music skills.

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I dropped Archery for Spellweaving, and also changed my gear completely and no longer has any skill bonuses, as I don't need them (might change out some because I got a PS for mysticism and want to max it without leveling it so I can summon Colossus more successfully.)


My current skills now:

120 Music

120 Provoke

90.6 Peacekeeping (going to drop this and the rest of archery for something, not sure yet.)

100 spellweaving

101.2 mystic

72.5 meditation

100 focus

15.7 archery


My problem is that there will be times when I'm in combat and there will be nothing to provoke or I can't get a colossus cast off, or they dispel my colossus. I need something that will allow me to suffice in a situation like this, because when this happens I can't get a cast off or have any utility to survive. Dryad Allure only works on humanoids, and Ethereal Voyage can't be used in combat. I'm thinking of dropping peacekeeping and archery to max hiding, that way I can use hiding to get out of combat and then ethereal voyage. I'm not sure if that will work though.