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frustration with wrestling skill gain (93-100)

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Hey Everyone,


I have a GM Mage that I am trying to GM wrestling on and I am getting really frustrated with being at a stand still with skill gain in the 90's. Here's my situation


I used fighters hired from Jhelom to get up to about 91 or so. I would hire them, gate them back to my tower and then wrestle them with my spell book in hand and I even had all my armor and jewlerly on in order to reduce Reagent use for healing him and went from 20's to 91.3. At which point skill gain stopped. I macro'd with a fighter from the same location for 3.5 hours and didn't gain a single 10'th of a point. All my skills up, down and lock arrows are set correctly (and yes I checked "show real") I am at skill cap but I have to skills I don't want set to decay to the tune of about 51 available points..


Heres where it gets interesting. At the suggestion of another player i went and hired. fighter from Dulicia I gated him back to my tower as usual and then decided when I went into war mode and hovered over him he appeared orange (isn't this faction related?) ...anyway as soon as I whacked him I started to gain. I then went from about 91.3 to 93.5 over the corse of a couple hours or so (not sure how long as I fell asleep) When i logged back on he was dead lol..so I though maybe I could replicate it again. Well since then I have been unable to find a fighter that will replicate this scenario.


Further more, i am unable to hire paladins or mages. There is no "hire" option in their context menus and speaking "name hire" yields no results






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