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Highest Burst Damage PvP

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x Rahl x

x Rahl x


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I have recently returned to UO, and have a couple fun PvM builds I'm happy with. Now I am considering a return to PvP in Fel, and I know how I would like to play it, but am not sure about it's effectiveness, or really how to build it.


I envision myself being a stealth character, and having a massive fast burst damage. Or at least the highest I can get. I don't expect to have much survivability, no tankiness. I want to be able to pop from stealth hit extremely hard on a single target, and vanish again, leaving the target either dead, or scared out of their minds.


Obviously, Hiding and Stealth are in on this, I feel nervous giving up healing, but I want the damage so I was thinking Bushido, Chivalry, and Ninjitsu. I'm kind of leaning towards Fencing, but also considering Swordsmanship. And finally Tactics. If I understand the Backstab Ninja ability, I need Tracking, but from what I'm told a skill of 15 is usually enough to track players.


So here's my thought so far:


120 Stealth

100 Hiding

120 Fencing/Swordsmanship

120 Tactics

120 Ninjitsu

85   Bushido

90   Chivalry

15   Tracking


I'm sure this will need tweaking, it's just an early concept, but let me know what you think.


Actually, I've had a number of people tell me BUshido, but now that I really look over the skill, I don't see how it helps this build, it seems too tied to Parry. Maybe drop it? Up Chivalry or add Necromancy or Poison?

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