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needs tips for my template

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Hello everyone. I'm a mage tamer. Taming, Animal lore, veterinary, magery, meditation, Eva. Int all 120

Stats: Str 100 Dex 40 Int. 150. My armor 85/70/70/70/75 (elf) lrc 100% lmc40% mr17 dci 45% sdi 40% (without spellbook) fc4 fcr6 rpd 20%. Primary hand free. This template ok? What can I change?

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Drop med (and IMO vet), pick up 40 necro and 80 SS in place of med (wraith form, evil omen) and spellweaving for vet

I'm curious as to your logic on this.


I have a Mage Tamer build but instead of Eval Int, I took focus and still have vet and kept two greater dragons alive between vetting and greater heals on melisandre 

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With a good suit (max SDI) for this template and a spellweaving focus, along with gheals you can keep your greater alive and dish out massive damage. Wraith form leaches mana so keeps you full. Your talking 500+ damage flamestrikes when properly setup.


I personally have focus and mystic on mine, but that require massive investments in items to work right.

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but if you are willing to dump massive items in this then


110 tamer

110 lore

120 weaving

110 mystic

120 focus

110 magery

110 eval

40 necro

as much SS as possible


wear crystalline ring, midnight bracers, and a 45+ skill ring thats what 100+ skillpoints added. 


All items have cap SDI. you can get 95+ SDI before spellbook (use slayers).


Wraith form with cleansing winds and gift of renewal will keep your dragon alive


but like i said, massive item investment

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