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Calling all PVP Vets - ML Era PVP question

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I remember back in the day when I used to play, the Japanese and corresponding shards would have crazy PVP templates.


Nerve-striking Death-strike mages, pot throwing, craziness!

Shadow jumping, bola tossing, lethal poisoning, I can't even remember, just amazing game mechanics.



If any of you vets can hop into that nostalgia part of your memory during the Mondain's era or even Samurai empire era on potential templates that was used by the Japanese or Korean that just didn't quite make sense to the "American Tried and True" templates.


Please elaborate, I am exquisitely excited to hear your remembrance of templates.



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Some of them are hard to do now becuase they did the update where you have to have tactics to use specials and stuff. I actually ran a necro/bok that i had started playing with on tc1. once they released the tactics patch it got alot more difficult to build a nice setup with your weapon skill and tactic skill along with whatever else you needed.

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Something else that makes a difference is your suit, and the mods you can put/find on it.  The game rewards you, now, more than ever on having a 'pure' template for pvp.  There are some guides on Spell Damage Increase that can explain it more in depth, but basically what it says is that pure mages get to cap out at 30% SDI (40% with Inscription because it adds a free 10%), and hybrid mages cap at 15%. One of the few exceptions is the Necromage due to the sheer utility that Necromancy provides that other skills cannot, so the cap of 15% for them isn't a gamebreaker.  Ninjitsu and Bushido are included in this, so without the Necro utility spells like Corpse Skin, Evil Omen and Blood Oath, it really sets those templates back too far in a fight.  Being a pure template lets you focus on a handful of mods, and have room for some extras like Damage Eater or some more HP Increase that a hybrid template would run out of room for.  Unless you found just the most spectacular weapon to match your template, it probably isn't worth trying to cram off-the-wall skills together.


I haven't pvp'd in...quite some time, so everything I just said was purely heresay, but I have done a bit of research and that was just the conclusion I came to, so you can do with that what you will :)


I did pvp during the SE era with Ninja-mages and Bushido-mages.  I ran both of them and enjoyed them both a lot.  I never ran an alchemy-mage, but I did throw potions because that was really fun.  Many players still do things like that, with Enhanced Potions mods on jewelry, you can still make that a worthwhile strategy.


If I were to make a character for pvp right now, it would be either a Necromage, Pure scribe mage, or Ninja-dexxer (possibly finding room for swords and archery on that template, depending if I wanted to stealth or not)...At this point, all I do is theorycraft when it comes to pvp.

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