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Looking for player written, in-game, books

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I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place, but Elven Song is looking to acquire original or copied player written books for inclusion into our library and historical display in Catskills.  We assist with shard transfer and am willing to pay ig gold for submissions.


Please contact ICQ 668123198 for more information. 


All types welcome.  Guild, RP, story, diary, etc.


Thank you!



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ok some stuff i have - paste them in books -



Careful what yer wish fer


A young boy was tending his sheep, he looked at some bushes as he heard something weep


A tiny fairy, tangled up in a tree, Help me, it pleaded and I grant three wishes to thee


The boy freed the creature and said very bold, "I want power, glory and great piles of gold


Poof and he turned into a dragon beyond measure,

Poof with a cave, filled up with gold and treasure


Pity he could not enjoy his whim, as heroes and hunters came after him


Hiding alone deep down in the cave, he felt as if living in his very own grave


Always be careful for what you do strive

Power, gold and glory don't always make a happy life





Ten Trinsic Duchy Guards decided to drink some wine

One tripped into the barrel and they were only nine.


Nine Trinsic Duchy Guards decided to pull their weight

One said to Reann that she is fat and conscious remained eight


Eight Trinsic Duchy Guards trained to be the best

One shot his bow and hurt his friend, so only seven left


Seven Trinsic Duchy Guards fool with magic tricks

One managed to misplace himself so there were only six


Six Trinsic Duchy Guards trained throwing with a knife

One managed to poke his toe with it so left were only five.


Five Trinsic Duchy Guards felt themselves quite sore.

So one decided to take a rest, on duty remained four.


Four Trinsic Duchy Guards drunk at the Rose for free

One couldn't hold his ale for long so home came only three


Three Trinsic Duchy Guards argued with Moiraine

after they were done with it two of them were sane


Two Trinsic Duchy Guards played with a magic spell

One stood his ground the other ran, when bolts of lightning fell


(One left the place the other ran, when bolts of lightning fell)


One Trinsic Duchy Guards tried to play the hero

He stood up to a gang of thugs and the number of guards was zero.



Trinsic with no Duchy Guards is not a pretty sight

But tomorrow we will be back again with all our petty might







A dragon’s tale

Once upon a time there was a princess bright,

held by a dragon into its cave all night.


The king all worried about his child,

called upon his best knight.


Muddy Waters was his name, a knight

wearing in kilt he took his sword and went into the night.


To the cave he came challenging the beast,

only to find out the princess to be released.


The dragon told him the princess was boring

and that her blabbering had him fast snoring.


Chatting on this they both agreed

that not all princesses are what knights and dragons need.


They settled then for drinks and had many an ale,

and so does it end, my dragons tale.






*You see the picture of Trinsic in the night with empty streets and only the shine of the lamp illuminating the scene. A naked man is tied with his hands behind his back to the lamppost near a bridge. The man is a middle aged man with dark hair and a goatee with flushed cheeks and somewhat seems to resemble Lyim.

Besides the man you can see several overturned and seemingly empty bottles of liquor. Besides the man there is an woman dressed in black clothing which feature her huge breasts at which the man is leering at. The woman is just smiling at the man and is holing a big pouch as it is used to keep gold coins in and seems to be weighing it in her right hand.*


Below the picture you can read 'Do not drink away the night

 or you end like this fool whose hands are tied'








*You see a sketch of a man sitting on a bench reading a book in a tavern that looks like it might be the Keg and Anchor tavern.

Besides the man you can make out a woman who seems to be reading cards for some other person you cannot really make out.


The reading man is well dressed in fine leather clothes and has short hair with a well cared ponytail.

He seems quite young and from the sparkle in his eyes you can see that he enjoys laughing and seems to be a kind fellow and his features resemble the ones of Adammair Walker.



Adammair seems to be relaxed, though his face shows that he is concentrating onto the book he is reading. On the cover of the book you can see a huge roaring red dragon, with the scales gleaming in the sunlight and in front of it you see a man that seemingly tries to calm it. When you look closely though at the book title you can read it and it says "How to tame a dragon in 101 days, or the short way of not being breakfast".



Each of those could be a book, but feel free to order them as you like. if you really are desperate .. each of the reports can be put in a book


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