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Any tips/suggestions on this warrior build?

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Okay here's my warrior build, with explanations of my reasoning where applicable. Appreciate any tips. One thing I will say is for roleplaying purposes I don't want any necromancy. 


STR: Natural 125 (126 with Conj. Trink)
DEX: 92 (97 w/Crimson Cinture)
INT: 51 



Anatomy 120 

Bushido 100 Planning to get a PS to take it to 120 

Chivalry 65 (Gives me access to all the spells)
Healing 80 (High enough to res)
Parry 80 (High enough to get the 300 pt. Skills to get special move cost -10. Was thinking to lower it to 60 once Bushido is up to 120?)
Swords 120 

Tactics 120 

So where will the remaining 35 do the most good? Lumberjacking for a slight damage bonus? Is putting it into parry most beneficial or is healing or Chiv going to be more of a boost? Or something else? 

Right now I have a double axe that has 30% Stamina leach, 65% Mana leach, 81% Life leach and 15% hit chance increase, which using whirlwind attack with multiple targets usually keeps my Mana replenished typically keeps me from needing healing or bandages often (I keep a good stack of enhanced ready when I do need them) And I've also got the cloak of life, Crim cint, and Conjurers trinket regenerating hp too. 

Thanks for ANY advice. 

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