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Several high profile Stratics staff have announced they are quitting today (Stratics, not quitting UO).


Petra Fyde - UO Stratics Managing Editor

Magdalene - UO Stratics Administrator

Lady Tia -  UO Stratics Community Coordinator

Watchertoo - UO Stratics News Administrator

Kelmo - Siege Perilous Forum Moderation


Also when I first got back someone told me how a lot of Stratics staff also quit a month or two before. Also from what I understand this is the 4th-5th time Stratics has changed ownership in the past few years.


To make matters worse a 24 hour downtime to switch hosts turned into 1 week. Plus the forum URL structure is currently broken and a lot of people are having issues accessing the forums. It couldn't have come at a worse time during the Return to Britannia campaign.

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Add to the list.


Tazar mentioned he resigned in September here: http://community.stratics.com/threads/my-turn.323239/


Shamus left as well:  http://community.stratics.com/threads/so-this-is-how-the-republic-ends-with-thunderous-applause.323230/


I'm a bit floored by this.  Stunned really.


Please note: we don't want to turn this thread into a rumor mill/he said/she said discussion.  We welcome posts wishing farewell, etc., but speculation on a topic that none of us are first-person-privvy to is not welcomed.

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Despite some differences in the past, we wish the staff at Stratics, both former and present, nothing but the best, and thank them all for doing what they felt was the best for the game we all love.


Fair winds and following seas, everyone.


And please, let's not use this as an opportunity to rock the boat.  It's really not the appropriate venue.

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Flair has posted they are moving on as well.  http://community.stratics.com/threads/youll-have-to-find-your-own-transcriber-now.323243/


I have to echo Guido's sentiments.  As a former Stratics staffer who left in 2009, it breaks my heart to see folks leaving all of a sudden.  It's not my business to know why.  I wish to thank them for all their hard and thankless work over the years and wish them well in their future endeavors.


Light laughter and sweet water till we next meet.

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Also when I first got back someone told me how a lot of Stratics staff also quit a month or two before. Also from what I understand this is the 4th-5th time Stratics has changed ownership in the past few years.




Well to be fair, Taylor and Valour Corp have been owners for almost 5 years, so it's not quite a 'constant changes of ownership', although for us we tend to think much longer term than gaming companies and the business world usually do - after all we've been playing and celebrating 17 years of the game, and the other major fansites have remained fairly constant in ownership for long periods. Those sorts of timespans are huge compared to many other games, fansites and forums.


I'm concerned though, since a lot of what made Stratics the 'community' it has been, whether you liked it or not - and it's hardly a secret that I mostly liked it -  seems to be changing in a big way. Still, may mean more opportunities for other sites to gain ground too,  we shall have to see how it works out.

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I am sorry to hear that. Despite being a direct competitor they're still a very good site with a very long legacy and good dedicated people involved. Not sure who this new owner is or how/why the ownership change happened, but it must be hard to butt heads over something you're passionate about. Wish them all the luck in the future.

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Petra Fyde
Lady Tia
Shamus Turlough
Amber Witch




So far, this seems to be the tally, as given by the new owner, who, other than an announcement saying goodbye and thanks for the memories, has said nothing else about Stratics, his vision, who he is, etc.  About the only thing we sort of know for a fact is that he goes by the moniker Ron Bron, and he's more into GW2 than he is UO.  Flutter is still there, as are at least a few others whose names I know, and a few others who I do not know (a result, I'm sure, of me not being anything close to a regular there - like maybe once a quarter, if not longer)


There still seems to be a fair number of staff people there (they're coming out of the woodwork, it seems) - some of (if not most) of the new mods are just people from other sections of Stratics.  To put not too fine a point on it, it's not our problem, nor is it our business.  Both Stratics and UOF have gone through some pretty severe changes at times, and both have always survived.  If it's the will of the membership over there that they survive another change, more power.  I'm 99.999% sure they will.


Not really sure what more purpose there is to this - Only a couple of people on that list ever logged on here, and then that was more rarely than me logging into Stratics.  It's doubtful they'll come here to see if we comment on it - and given past history, they probably wouldn't expect anything better than a point and Bart Simpson ha-ha.  Not going to happen.  Those days are done.

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