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You can try emailing Mesanna directly at mesanna@broadsword.com.  Send her your account name and maybe any emails associated with the account.


When did you last play?  Did you play before the whole EA/Mythic master account change?

I stopped playing  way  before the switch , But  my Daughter  played  on another acct. That  I Owned, You see I have 5 Acct. tied to my Emailing address. I am  so annoyed right  now. I  never  thought  it would  be this  hard to  get  back  to a game that  I loved  playing.

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If you can log into your master account, you can easily reset your password.  If you can access your master account, and want to reset that password, you must go to https://www.origin.com to retrieve your master account password, and if you never set one up before, you can set it up there, and attach those accounts to it.

Origin  do Not support UO, and They  can NOT help .

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Bonnie can't do anything if the accounts are already linked to the Origin master account. If you can't remember the password to your Origin master account, you can reset it through www.origin.com. Yes, Origin can help you in regards to your master account, they just can't help you get passwords for unlinked UO accounts. If you can login to your master Origin account, you can easily reset the passwords for the linked UO accounts.

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