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Hi guys, so I read something about having 220 in EI and Anatomy will give the same defensive ability for 100 wrestling? Can someone confirm this or how is this work? So if I have 120 EI and 100 Anatomy or vice versa. I don't need wrestling at all?




-JJ Zhang

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Stratics says the same thing here: http://uo2.stratics.com/skill-guides/skills-and-professions/magery-essay


To quote:  


Magery and Melee
Ideally the mage should avoid his/her opponents getting close enough to melee, however Sosaria, like most others, is not an ideal world. Anatomy, when added to evaluate intelligence, gives a mage defensive wrestling.
(Anatomy + Evaluate Intelligence + 20) / 2 = defensive wrestling (capped at 120.0)
However it does not give any offensive capability.
A similar defensive capability can be achieved by carrying a mage weapon, preferably with the spell channel property and no faster cast penalty.
The drawback to traditional weapons skills, ie Fencing, Swordsmanship, Archery and Macing is the need to use a Spell Channeling weapon if you are not te be disarmed and without defence every time you cast a spell. Also executing the special moves of these weapons not only requires the appropriate level of weapons skill, but also a matching level of tactics skill. The Tactics requirement isn’t applied to Wrestling.
The Wrestling skill allows you to equip spellbooks with stats and buffs which can contribute to the building of the mage’s suit, or slayer spellbooks to do more damage to certain monster types.
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so.... what is the point for a mage to have EI and Anatomy?????? Mage usually have wrestling already.

most mages dont have wrestling, if its a super tight skill template, 100 anat+120 eval is equal to 120 wrestling, so you save 20 skill points.


when this formula was first introduced many years ago, many mages had healing, however the 7X gm gave way to 5X legendary, and this formula let people keep their heal mages.


now days this formula is mostly used in niche templates.

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Nah.  I use Vampire form a lot.  And max FC/FCR.  Throw in protection and you're good (though Protection lowers defense somewhat)


I get interrupted, yeah, but at the same time, it's not a PVP template either.  I may do champ spawns with her, but if I get attacked I run :P

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