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healing or parrying

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So I went back to looked at my old warrior template, after long hours of reading different forums, I decided to make him into a sampire.

I am pretty sure I want to take the following skills.

weapon skill

So my question is, I also want healing for my character, I know chiva can heal too, but using bantage to heal myself while running or fighting is just better, in my opinion. I have seen a lot of templates out there for sampire does not have healing. I don't understand why, can someone care to explain to me?
Should I drop maybe parrying for healing???

thanks again guys! good to be back!



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I dont know much about Sampires but I do know that healing at 120 skill is a real life saver/game changer at times. Pure warrior template [which may be old hat these days] maxxed out looks like:


120 Healing
120 Anatomy
120 Parrying
120 Resist
120 Swords
120 Tactics
Some add in focus:
120 Swordmanship
110 Tactics
100 Anatomy
80 Focus
100 Healing
110 Resist spell
100 Parry
In answer to bandages vs chivalry MY opinion is that I preferred bandages to chiv healing. Thats a personal preference as I found Chiv healing a pain in the backside

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You do not need healing, if you find yoruself where you need bandies you doing it wrong... between chiv heals, life leach and confidence, you will be fine. 


Also with the initial template you posted, you should be aware (depending on the fight) you can easily stone resist for anat for some thing




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If you intend on taking the sampire route, then you should not need healing and should stick with the initial template you posted. Consider this:


Swords 100 (120 with Capt Johns Hat)

Tactics  120

Bushido 100

Necro    100

Chivalry  80

Resist     120

Then with last 100 points, swtich between Parrying and Anat freely if you have a soul stone or fragments. 


Some people would say not to have resist on there, but if you're doing PVM then it's probably a better skill to have than Anat.  You will be doing your healing through life leech and using confidence, maybe using close wounds on occasion if you're in a pinch and have fast enough casting & cast recovery.  Make yourself an elf for mana bonus.   There is a good Sampire thread on this board which really goes into depth of some of the finer details.  I suggest you give it a look-through.




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thanks! but doesn't gm Anatomy gives you 55% damage bonus??? 

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