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News: Bordermarch Naval Summit Hits a Wall

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Cross posted from the Tribune






Reporting from Skara Brae:


The Bordermarch Naval Summit organized by Governor Knighthawke ended with with the Nujel'm delegation led by Princess Zaida walking out. Sir Sentri, representing the king's interests, tried to calm the negotiators, but there was no way to soothe the growing temperatures. The governors, along with several concerned citizens, represented the interests of the various cities and trade guilds of Britannia. 


The central point of contention was the sultan's kingdom took offense with the way Britannia's proposed treaty seeks to interfere with what they feel is their sovereign right to have indentured servants. It is no secret that for decades, the sultan has lived a lavish lifestyle on the backs of those that fall into his debtor prison and then have to spend their life working off a debt they never will be able to fully pay. The renown gardens of the sultan's palace are some of the most amazing in Sosaria. However, what would cost most others a fortune to build and maintain, the sultan is able to do for free.


Most of the governors held fast, agreeing with, believing in, and towing the line of King Blackthorn who said slavery and indentured servitude have no place in these lands. It was then that the governor of New Magincia, Miss Kitty, did not see it fit for the practices to be completely banned. Having successfully split a city from the King, the princess didn't seem to be in any mood to compromise. Governor Riley of Skara Brae, fed up with negotiations, pointed directly at her, threatening to combine the fleets of Skara Brae and Jhelom into a strike at the city and then blockade her to strangle the sultan's grip on the island. With Governor Jameison backing Riley's play, the princess grew visibly annoyed with the Britannia delegation. Stating that her diplomats might contact ours, she stood from her chair and exited the meeting.


While the central point of contention was the issue of slavery, it must also be noted that the island kingdom objected to Britannia's claims of controlling all the islands of Sosaria. The kingdom of Nujel'm didn't wish to be hindered from future colonial expansion. The section in reference to asylum was also objected to, as the sultan's delegation did not wish to see any of their servants flee to Britannia, seeks asylum, and escape their debt.


It would seem unacceptable to most Britannians for such items to be left out. I doubt any reasonable person would want to return to time before the virtues written of in the tomes.


Governor Knighthawke released the following statement after the meeting:


I found the summit to be an interesting process. We seem to have found a means by which Jhelom and Skara Brae have decided to speak to each other. The talks with Nujel'm was much more heated than anticipated, I am still hopeful despite some distance over three issues that something can be managed



It is good to see the governor hopeful that the talks can still bear some fruit. Her hope may not be in vain, as the princess released a statement shortly after we received Governor Knighthawke's statement.


Princess Zaida released the following statement:


HRH Princess Zaida states that Nujel'm will reluctantly agree to the offensive and unnecessary anti-indentured-servitude clause, if another clause is added that states that anyone who owes a debt in Britannia will be absolved of repaying that debt if they take up residence in Nujel'm.


HRH would be happy to answer any other questions Britannian reporters have for her.



It seems there is wiggle room to be had in the talks! Will there be another summit soon? Stay on the lookout for any announcements! Hopefully we can get a Tribune reporter out to the island to hear Nujel'm's reasoning.

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