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Meeting: 442nd Meeting of the High Council Monday (Aug 25th) @ 8 PM CST

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442nd Meeting of the High Council


Greetings to one and all! This coming Monday (August 25th 2014) at 8 PM CST will be the 442nd Meeting of the High Council of Britannia. The Council is the dutifully elected representatives of the kingdom that serve the people of Britannia and promote their interests across the lands.



Jerred Ghyss Civic Center at Compassion Grove (12o34'N 37o58'W)


Quoting the Previous Meeting:

DaKaren: While Minax may desire the necklace for sentimental *shudders* reasons, there are fanatics that might see this artifact as the means to rescue the wizard from the fate dealt to him by the Stranger.

Dot Warner: Trebr Drab must be elated somewhere

Ra'Dian Fl'Gith: *shakes his head with a thin grin*

Malag aste: *mutters*

DaKaren: I remind you the havoc wrought by the followers of Zog in their successful quest to resurrect his eons old insanity.


Meeting Agenda:

-Nujel’m Peace Treaty Talks: The first round of talks end with the representative of Nujel’m, Princess Zaida, walking out. Where will they go from here?


-Outbreak in Cove: The city’s chief healer is flummoxed as to what is causing the illness. Is there anything that can be done?


-Tensions in the Valorian Seas: Merchant ships continue to be attacked mercilessly by raiders. Skara Brae offers a twig of peace while Jhelom conducts naval drills. Will there be peace?


For the People:

Each High Council meeting begins with issues from the town representatives and a report from the ministers. It ends with the floor being given to the people. If you have an issue that you feel needs the attention of the kingdom, bring it to the Council to hear.



Britain - Governor Dot Warner

Jhelom - Governor Thom Jameison

Minoc - Governor Tanda

Moonglow - Governor Silrien Aegnor

Newcastle - Councilor Guntur Kivlov

New Magincia - Unfilled *

Skara Brae - Governor Captain Riley

Trinsic - Governor Ra'Dian Fl'Gith

Vesper - Governor Aornis

Yew - Councilor Pab II **


(* - Elected Governor Miss Kitty has not exercised her right to sit on the Council or appoint a representative. ** - Governor Willa of the Yew Wood of Yew exercised her right to appoint a representative for her town.)


Elected Officers:

High Council

Chancellor - DaKaren


Chancellor's Ministers:

Minister of Virtue - Malag-aste

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Earlhad Todie


High Court

Chief Justicar - Max von Bayer


Your Malag Meeting Moment:

Malag-aste: Yeah but obviously you are either blind..... or a Yibin sharus wael.... to believe he even remotely resembled the former governor.





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