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News: Relief Efforts to Cove Continue

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Filed from Cove:
The BMV Benevolence arrived in Cove with a large supply of needed freshwater in the hamlet. Laden also with food, the heavily loaded ship managed to outrun raiders that appeared as the ship approached the bay. A surprising turn of events for the crew, as it had been a long time since any such activity had been reported in the area. Surely an additional concern for the King that the chaos of the Valorian seas is starting to spread.
While the mission was spearheaded by Governor Warner of the Britain, Governor Knighthawke, always known for her kindness, supplied a large portion of the supplies that were part of the relief effort. It is reported that the famed lady even ignored suggestion from locals to be wary of contact with those infected and delivered to them directly the aid they needed. The citizens of Cove were greatly thankful to the city of Minoc for heeding the call to help.
Word is the Red Ankh Society is in the process of sending additional healers to assist the local chief healer, Ingrid. The chief reported grave news that the water supply appeared to be completed infected for such a wide swath of people to be infected. She also could not confirm if the sickness was contagious at this time.
Governor Warner of Britain released this statement once initial round of distribution was finished:
The citizens of Britain want our neighbors in Cove to know we will always be there for them. We will be partnering with the Red Ankh Society to ensure that shipments of fresh water, food and supplies reach those Covians in need. Additional healers will also be dispatched to reinforce Ingrid’s staff at Cove’s Healing Hand. I encourage everyone to contribute in whatever ways they can, every little bit helps!
Keep an eye to the announcements as the attempted raiding of the Benevolence may further need for sailors and marines. Those wishing to donate supplies to the relief effort are encouraged to seek out director Ashburn of the Red Ankh Society.
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