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Europa have lost another good Roleplayer.

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I'm still a bit shocked over the news myself, but I hope that there still are a few players that check the boards.

Yesterday I have resieved a very sad message...  :weep:

Kal Shadowhand (RL James Carroll Gilbeaux) passed away unexpectedly on Thursday.
And as sad as it is, He also leaves behind a 10 year old son, 16 year old stepdaughter, and his wife who was also a RP'er in our tiny community.  He ran the green goblin in BoC territory and was the leader of The Silent Blades (TSB) 

Aidan Duncan is attempting to organize an IC memorial service for him and put his main character to rest somewhere in Cove.


I will post another message on the board once Aidan have spoken to Gotan and made the arrangements.

If you would help us spread the sad news, the help would be appriciated, as we are attempting

to see if we can gather a few people for the memorial.






Amanda, I can't even find the words to explain how sorry I am for your loss. :(
My thoughts and prayers goes to you, the children and the rest of your family and friends that have lost him.


Rest in Peace Kal ShadowHand,

You will be missed soooooo much.


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I considered Kal a close friend but, like everyone else, I've lost touch with him these last few years. I have. . . no words to describe the loss and can but vaguely imagine the pain his family must feel. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.


I will remember Kal for his humble and generous nature, and that his character was always an amazing foil for my own. There isn't more that I can say... I'll spread the word if I can, if we have any in-game memorial service I'll try to attend if I can afford to open my account. . . if there is anyone still playing who might hold such a memorial that is. 

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