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Yet another spin off on an Ultima game

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Game industry veteran Paul Neurath (Ultima Underworld, System Shock 2) has founded a new Boston-based studio, Otherside Entertainment, and secured the right to develop a new Underworld game: Underworld Ascension.

"With Underworld Ascension, we are excited to be bringing back the Underworld franchise, making it more vital than ever before,” stated Neurath in a press release announcing his new company's debut project.

Neurath will serve as CEO of Otherside, which bills itself as a studio focused on bringing "reboots of classic game franchises" to "core gamers."


The rest of the story is HERE.




Interesting - IMO, the Underworld games were arguably the 3rd best in the series, and possibly higher, depending on how much one thought about 4 and 7.  4 was arguably what made Ultima something other than just a hack and slasher series, and 7 was arguably the best actual game in the series.  As long as it's not another kickstarter attempt to re-claim past glories, I'll be happy, and regardless, I'll be keeping a very close eye on this one.

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