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anyone posting here these days?

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I've been inactive for several months and thought I would come here and try to catch up with my guild mates and alliance members. Been playing a UO a bit more lately and was wondering what everyone is doing in game these days.

Ive been interested in trying out the high seas pirate bounty hunter quests and wanted to know how tough they are for someone with zero experience on the high seas.

Anyway, hope people are doing well.


Roland (R3 Pacific)

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I will look for him in game then. :)

When I am in game I have been going on short hunting expeditions trying to get a feel for my different toons.


I've been working  with my Tamer trying to figure out how to effectively tame monsters(Greater imps at this point) without them attacking. I am  using peacemaking but it doesn't last long enough for me to finish the taming process.


Also been getting a feel for my Necromancer. I'm always concerned that  one of my raised undead critters is going to kill a wandering healer and get me flagged as a criminal. I don't completely understand how necromancer activities  effect the necromancers standing with city guards etc.

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