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1 A Boomstick
2 Shimmering Crystals
3 A Runed Driftwood Bow
4 An Ironwood Composite Bow
5 A Library Talisman - Treatise on Alchemy
6 A Pedestal
7 Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings
8 2455 Bark Fragments - 2.5m Reserve
9 Runebook, Metallic Cloth and White Leather Dye Tubs
10 A Staghorn Fern
11 Two Twilight Lanterns
12 A Medusa Statue
13 Plate of Honor
14 A Red Happy Sixteenth Anniversary Horse
15 A totem of the Void
16 Two Gorgon Lenses and 14 Medusa Scales
17 A Figurehead of the BMV Ararat
18 A Selection of Nine Different Ingredients
19 A Complete Darkwood Armour Set - 1m Reserve
20 A Box of Soft Furnishings
21 Four Different Woods on Commodity Deeds - 1.5m Reserve
22 300k Blank Scrolls - 6m Reserve
23 A Hina-Doll Bed for Girl's Day 2013
24 Light's Rampart [Replica]
25 Armor of Fortune
26 A Deed to a Guildstone (J  S [none])
27 An Ethereal Tiger - 50m Reserve

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