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The Perfect Stamina ; SSI Ratio ?...

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I have had my Sampire for about 2 months now(I'm addicted) and I feel that I am getting the hang of it, but my main issue is what mods to imbue, what Artie's are best, what Artie's go together.. Basically how high to aim in terms of my final stats. Don't get me wrong, I know what mods I need and I know the basics..

I currently have mace n shields, tinker legs, conj trinket, gladiators collar5 ssi brac with full hci dci str with the rest imbued. I have about 107 str 130hp; 150 dex 168 Stam; 40 int 60 int. this is a rough estimate cuz I'm not ingame at the moment. I don't wanna waste stat pts in Stam when I not going to get anything out of them is what I am yearning for knowledge of. Lol thx to anyone who can help...


- Jambi / Atlantic

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you want 150 str/hp as a samp. Without healing your "dex" isnt anywhere near as important as your final stam. Int isnt important but your final mana is. I think 180 stam would be all you would need, the Swing bonus for stam comes in groups of 30.... 150-179 stam have the same swing speed. Remember SSI on items is capped at 60. 

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