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People have been complaining that the cartoonish map shown during Pre-Alpha released 4 and 5 wasn't anything like the 3D map shown during the Kickstarter demo. Some even threatened to take Portalarium to court over it!


There were good reasons for the change, but the team has listened none-the-less:

"We have heard your feedback and we are in the process of trying our best to recreate what was seen in our prototypes but to a higher visual quality" said Darkstarr in the announcement on the SotA forum.


There are some consequences though: "We will need to delay other features and content while we do this work so expect more schedule changes to R7 and beyond."


The reason cited for the original change was a lack of quality in the scaled down art used to automatically produce the 3D map, and the extra coding required to create the 2 different systems to be able to support both the normal scale and the zoomed-out overland 3D map...


Darkstarr: "While we would love to get a first pass of this done for R6, realistically you won’t see the 3D overworld until R7 at the earliest. As with everything we are making with the game you are getting to see things much earlier than people usually get to see, including features in very early iterations. This content usually goes through many, many changes before people get to see it whereas you, our backers, are participating at the earliest of stages. Thank you for your patience while we iterate and experiment with systems like this."

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